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"Is this some kind of joke? Why revenge?" I questioned in anger and confusion, staring up at Gabriel.  "My mother hasn't done anything!  My mother doesn't even live in the state, I'm sure you got the wrong person!" I screeched, pushing against Gabriel's arms to no avail.

My mother Danielle lived on her own with my stepfather Louis who was retired lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina. Together they had no biological children but I was not the only child born to my mother.  I had a sister, a year younger than me and we were considered Irish twins, born less than 12 months apart since Hazel was born on February 23, 1994. Hazel was born just months after my mother's marriage ended in November of 1993. 

The two of us knew nothing about our father, there was no pictures, records, nothing.  Our mother told us that they had eloped in Vegas but she destroyed and burned everything about our father after the marriage saying he was a deadbeat dad which raised some reasonable questions. In my off time, I tried doing some undercover research but I always reached a dead end which left me unsettled. 

Hazel and I were really close growing up and she lived just three states over from me in Syracuse, New York attending a University to become a doctor.  She had just graduated a year ago with her bachelors in Biology and was now working on her Masters.

"No this not a joke and your mother Danielle is the only one who would know where your Grandmother is!"

My eyes widened in surprise.  "My Grandmother?  Gabriel we haven't talked to her in years. I think the last time was when I was nine.  I don't know where she is and I'm sure my mom doesn't know either!"

"Trust me your mother knows more than you give her credit for," Gabriel whispered, his voice rough.

"You are absolutely crazy! You should be in an institution!" I spat. 

"Look child, I will not stop and you will not get in my way until I get the vengeance I deserve. They took something precious from me years ago and now it is their turn to finally suffer and feel the pain!" He growled with spite and malice. "This is all I have wanted for the last two and half decades and when I get it, I will die happily with no regrets."

"What's this precious thing?" ?" I questioned lowly, my heart clenching strangely. My eyes furrowed in confusion at my reaction.  I felt him tense on top of me, backing away slightly as my heart raced, most likely in shock at my question.

"It's none of your damn business!" Gabrielle spat out, slamming his hand beside my head on the dirt ground.

"It sure as hell is since you kidnapped me!" I countered in a threatening tone, turning to bite Gabriel's hand as he pulled away in shock letting out a growl.  I turned on my stomach, flailing my legs widely as I struggled to get on two feet.  I felt Gabriel grab my right ankle as I let out a squeal in horror and he dragged me back towards him. 

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