Teens helping teens

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I enter the room with the sign saying, "Dr. Addison's group for grieving teens." I knock and a teary eyed girl answers the door, just a crack.

"Hi, uh I'm a grieving teen, don't know if I'm in the right place?" I tell her and she sniffs, then opens the door completely. There are about 10 chairs all in a circle, 8 are filled. A short, balding man sits in the circle and is obviously he's Dr. Addison or whatever. He raises his arms.

"Please, sit, sit. We were just getting to know each other's names." I take one of the empty chairs.
"Alright well I'm-" I start but someone interrupts.
"We're going in a circle." A girl sitting near Dr. Addison says.

"It's fine, Alyssa. I am Dr. Addison, this is Alyssa, Paul, Ron, Gina, Lucy, liam, and Samantha. We're on the lovely girl beside you now, what is your name, miss?" He gestures to a girl with pink hair and a leather jacket who sits to the left of me.

"I'm Penny." She says, bitterly.
"And who are you grieving, penny?"
"Not really grieving," she answers Dr. Addison. "But my mom sent me here for my cat. Crazy bitch." Dr. Addison nods as if she just said the most insightful thing in the world.
"And you, young man, would you like to continue?" He points to me.

"Uh, I'm Finn."
"And who is it you are grieving?"
"My girlfriend." I hear a bunch of "aww"s from girls around the group.

"Alright, now that we're all familiar I'd like to start with-" the door suddenly opens. A girl enters. She has long dark brown hair, and pale, porcelain skin. Her eyes are a bright celery green and her lips are full and purple. Her dark hair is long and wavy and she wears skinny jeans, and a black tank top. Her boots are heavy and loud as she takes a seat beside me.

"Oh, hello, what is your name, dear?"
"Annie." She replies without hesitation.
"And who have you come to help grieve?"
"My little brother." Again, she says it confidently, without hesitation.

"Alright. Well, hello kids, and welcome to teens helping teens grieve. Where teens, help teens." Says Dr. Addison.
"Now I want you all to tell me a bit about whoever you're grieving, their name, your relationship with them, anything significant you'd like to share. Anyone want to go first?"

The girl who opened the door for me raises her hand. "Yes, lucy?" She wipes her eyes with a tissue.
"I am grieving, my son, jerred, a premature baby, he um, he lasted-" her voice cracks. "He lasted a day. He was so beautiful, so gentle, so tiny." She blows her nose. "His dad abandoned me." She then raises her voice, "my effing boyfriend gets me pregnant at 17 then doesn't even stick around to see his own son." She begins to sob.

"Thank you, Lucy. It was very brave of you to start. Now, who's next?" Alyssa raises her hand, she's the perfect image of the class kiss up.
"My grandfather, my Pop pop, died at the ripe age of 78. He-"
"The fuck, how in hell is that ripe, what you talk'n bout, bitch?" A girl interrupts, Gina I think her name was.

"Gina, please let Alyssa continue." Dr. Addison interferes. Alyssa gives Gina a dirty look.
"All I'm say'n is he ain't no banana or some shit."

Alyssa breathes in. "He and I were very close. He practically raised me, because my dad worked so much."
"Rich ass bitch." Gina says under her breath.
"What's your problem?" Alyssa turns to Gina.
"I ain't got no problem."
"Really? No problem, huh, bitch?" Alyssa spits back.
Gina stands up.
"You know what, I do got a problem, my problem is you, blonde!"
Alyssa stands also.
"Yeah," Gina tugs an extension out of Alyssa's hair."yeah it is."

Alyssa comes really close to Gina. "Don't you ever. Touch me again."
"Oh like this?" Gina suddenly smacks Alyssa in the face, when Alyssa tries to retaliate, Gina pulls her down. Dr. Addison tries to get Gina off but fails. Dr. Addison turns and grabs a phone off the wall. "Security, I need security in room 207." The whole room is in hysterics.

"Everyone please calm down, this is a calming group. Everyone calm. This isn't a good grieving process."

"Shut the fuck up doctor man." Gina yells from on top of Alyssa. Everyone is either getting up cheering for the fight, bawling or trying to leave. Except me, and the girl to my right, Annie. She just laughs. She then turns to me.
"Wanna get out of here?" She asks me. I smile.

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