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I was still asleep with Pixel and (cats name),until my phone rang.I opened my eyes and slowly  got up from the bed.I looked at the contact name and it was Itsuki,I fixed my voice so I wouldn't sound tired."Hello"?"Hey (Yn) do you think you can help me","With what exactly","I have to babysit Miyuki and I need your help".I smiled,"Sure,you guys can come over if you want","Sure"I'll send you the address".I sent him the address and hung up,I went to go to the restroom to freshen up.I braided my hair and put on my clothes.

Pixel woke up and walked over to me,he than stood up and put his paw on my legs

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Pixel woke up and walked over to me,he than stood up and put his paw on my legs.I scratched his ears as his tongue hung out,"Good morning".I went downstairs with Pixel and started making breakfast.I got out the pancake batter and a bowl.Than the doorbell rang,I put down the bowl and walk over. I open the door and Miyuki hugs me,I smile at her and put my hand on her hair. She beams at me as Itsuki walks in closing the door.I look up at him,"Did you guys eat breakfast yet",he was about to respond but his and Miyuki's stomach growled."I smirked,"I was starting to make breakfast want some",he nods and Miyuki looks up at me,"Can I help","Sure".We  go to the kitchen and I put the pancake batter in bowl.She mixes it with Glee as Itsuki watched from the side lines.

Few moments

As we finished the pancakes,Pixel walks in and Miyuki's eyes light up.Pixel walks over and sniffs them,he sniffs Miyuki and puts his paws on her knees.She smiles and starts petting him.Itsuki looks at me,"I don't remember you owning a dog","I just got him yesterday",he nods and looks at the scene.After Miyuki stopped playing with Pixel we were now sitting on the floor.She looks at me,"(Yn) guess what","What","I'm going to get glasses soon".I smiled,"Cool,I bet you'll look cute",I then booped her nose.

Time skip in the afternoon

Miyuki wanted to go to the park and show me a butterfly place she found.As we walked Miyuki was holding my hand and Itsuki was beside me with his hands in his pocket.

Bakugo POV

Shitty hair and the others forced me to hang out with them.Than pink face pointed out something,"Hey isn't that (Ln) and Autumn".I look over to see them walking with each other talking and with a little girl.The little girl than says something to (Yn).(Yn) smiles and crouches down,than the little girl gets on her back.She stands up and holds on to the girl.She than starts running from the new guy and starts running after them. Shitty hair speaks up,"(Yn) really runs fast)",(Nn) really is",SINCE WHEN WERE YOU ON FIRST NAME AND NICKNAME BASES","Since the second day of school".I growl,she ignores me and talks with these extras.I really f*cked up,I become distant when I found out her dad's a villian in middle school.I glare at the ground,I will get her back.


We ran to the butterfly place and we stopped.I put her down and saw all the butterflys.I stick out my finger and stood still.Than a butterfly landed on it,I than brought it closer to my face.I looked beside me and saw Miyuki staring in curiosity.I crouch and put the butterfly on her nose,she starts giggling.

Itsuki POV

I watched as (Yn) put the butterfly on Miyuki's nose,and she giggles.I smiled softly,I never seen Miyuki This close with someone,she isn't that close to anyone even Kai or me.The butterfly flys away as they watched it fly away.Miyuki looks at (Yn),"Can I call you Sissy",(Yn) looked suprised but smiled,"Yes you can".I start drinking my water,than I hear her say,"Than you will officially be my sister when you marry one of my brothers".I spit out my water and blush a little.They look at me and start laughing,I start blushing in embarrassment,"It's not funny".

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