Chapter 17: Welcoming back friends

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"So Oyakata-sama, do you accept my request?"

Kiriya nodded, "This will be an exception. I suggest you give him the same bamboo muzzle as Nezuko to ease the hearts of others." You nod, bowing.

"Thank you, Oyakata-sama. Please tell Kagaya-sama to get well soon."

You wave at Kiriya and began making your way to Rui who was standing obediently next to Shinobu.

He seemed to be sweating and overwhelmed by Shinobu's presence so when he saw you, he quickly got by your side. "S-so, what did he say?" He asked hesitantly.

You smile, patting his head. "You're an exception but you're permitted to wear a bamboo muzzle." Shinobu clapped her hands together, giving you her usual smile.

"Ara ara~ I'll help with making it!" You smile gratefully to her. You felt a tug on your haori and turned towards the spider demon. You held his hand and walked towards the tailor's room. "Don't worry, We'll decorate it together! Now the only problem is..."

You gestured towards the window. "The sun... I don't think I'm capable enough to make a box as strong as Urokodaki's." Shinobu, who had been walking in front suddenly stopped. You noticed her crow talking to her.

You felt a sudden uneasiness as she turned around with a serious expression. "We must make our way to the Butterfly Estate immediately. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke came back from their mission severely injured. I'll see you there."

Purple smoked replaced the spot she had been standing at and both you and Rui exchanged a look.

You cover Rui with your haori and kept him close. "Hang on."


"KOCHO-SAMA! KAWASAKI-SAMA! PLEASE HELP, THIS IS URGENT!" Aoi yelled worriedly. You instructed Kiyo to lead Rui to a room where the sun doesn't penetrate. Though a bit scared, she did so in a hurry and told Rui to hide himself underneath the covers.

You helped the Kakushi to carry Inosuke to his bed. You did a quick check with your soul seeking and checked on their status.

You grabbed Shinobu's shoulder, telling her about your observations. "There's poison circling in Inosuke, Zenitsu's head is badly injured and Tanjiro has multiple injuries around his body."

Shinobu nodded, instructing the kakushi and nurses on what to do. You helped once in a while, mostly with checking their conditions and cleaning any wounds they may have missed. You stayed by Inosuke's side until night.

"Y/N?" Rui called out, making his way to you. You hummed and he ushered you to get up. "You have to eat, he'll be fine, the kakushi will look after him."

You nod and head to the kitchen with Rui following behind. A delicious scent wafted through the air, making your mouth water. You opened the sliding door immediately, startling Aoi and the butterfly trio.

As always, Kanao was with them, helping them prepare. Rui kept lowering his head, seeing the frightened faces of Sumi, Naho and Kiyo.

You pulled him forward and pat his head. "Now, now, you shouldn't be afraid of him, he's nice now, right Rui?"

He nodded slowly, "Right... I um, I won't tear you to shreds with my webs like before." He said bluntly, grasping his hands together.

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