Chapter 78

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---3 Days later---

Saturday- at last! I'm sick of everyone at that school. Well everyone except Jake, Rachel, Cameron and surprisingly Matt. He's been sticking up for me and threathening people who even give a dirty look in my direction. I've told him that he doesn't have to but he insists. I'm not okay with the threats considering what happened to me, but I can't really stop him.

Matt has texted me once the whole time he's been away with- 'hey babe, Burnie's gonna be okay! Guess you were right! :)' What a loving boyfriend. I'm seriously starting to feel differently about Matt- it's like everything he does at the minute annoys me. So you have time to do a tweet spree, edit a youtube video, make 10 vines but you can't even text your girlfriend with a 'hey, how you doing today? I love you'?

Cameron is acting really weird. He's acting like nothing has happened. He's being super supportive of this whole music career thing right now. He hasn't tweeted in 3 days- I'm starting to think that this has effected him worse than I'd thought.

"Skylar" I hear 2 people running up the stairs. Seconds later I see two faces that I adore skipping towards me. "It's Saturday! You know what that means!"

"Jack let me sleep" I groan rolling over, stuffing my face into my pillow. Seconds later I feel my whole body lift off the bed for a split second. I then crash back down onto the matress. This happens multiple times until I realise that Johnson is jumping on the bed next to me. I reach out and grab his ankles, pulling him down next to me. He wraps his arms around me and squeezes me tight.

"How you doing superstar?" He laughs

"I was better before you jumped on me"

"I didn't even touch you" He laughs "You grabbed me remember?" I look over to Gilinsky who is awkwardly stood at the door.

"Why are you all the way over there? Come here right now" I lightly order him. He walks over and flops down onto my bed. "I think I need a selfie of this" I laugh "I'm in a Jack and Jack sandwich"

"So many girls whould kill for this" Johnson laughs

"Here take it on my phone" Gilinsky smiles, passing me his phone "3462" He tells me his passcode.

"G just told you his password" Johnson says shocked "Not even Sammy knows his password. You must mean a lot" He laughs

"I'm honoured Jack" I smile. I hold his phone up above my face and prepare to take a picture. As I push the button, Jack and Jack turn their faces and kiss my cheeks. "You guys are cuties" I laugh

"I feel the sudden urge to tweet that" Gilinsky laughs

"Well you do that and I'm gonna get changed. What should I wear?"

"You look nice in everything" Johnson flirts

"You're gross" I joke "I'm being serious"

"I don't know?" He laughs

"You know that checkered flannel you wear all the time?" I say innocently, fluttering my eyelashes.

"You want to wear my prized possession?" He sounds hurt. He's joking of course. "Go one then" He gives in "You better give it back though"

"Of course I will boo" I smirk. I take out a black bra and a grey vest top along with some panties and blue denim jeans. I take them into my bathroom and change quickly. I brush my teeth and brush out my straight hair, leaving it loose. I make my way back into the bedroom to see Johnson has disappeared and Gilinsky has already fallen back asleep in my bed. I slide his phone lightly out of his hand and take a quick picture of him. That's going to creep him out so much. Insert evil laugh.

"Here you go" Johnson says reappearing, throwing his shirt at me.

"Danke" I say wowing him with my bilingual geniusness. Joking obviously. I put it on and add my black boots to it. "What time are we going?"

"Be there for 12" He smiles. He looks at his watch "It's 11:32. We should probably get going"

"Kay, I'll meet you downstairs" I nod. He walks out the room and I sit on the bed next to the sleeping Gilinsky. "Jack" I say softly

"No" He groans

"We gotta go" I smile

"Cuddles?" He says huskily.

"Jack no" I say sadly "I promise we can later okay?" I take his hand and pull him up. I drag him downstairs and out to the car.


"Excited?" Cameron says as I step into the back seat of car next to him.

"I don't really know what to expect" I admit "I'm kinda nervous. I'm not very good with meeting people for the first time. I'm either really shy or sassy" I laugh

"You can say that again" He laughs.

"I don't even know why he wants to meet. I can't sing"

"Well you blatently can" Johnson says looking at me in the rear view mirror "Otherwise why would he want to meet you?"

"I don't know. I just feel like this is going to be a bad idea." I say. This has to be right? Nothing good ever happens to me. Well apart from meeting the 10 amazing boys I've grown so close with.

"Well nothing bad will happen to you because you've got us 3 with you. We'll never let anyone hurt you again" Gilinsky smiles.

"What if it's a complete waste of time and he hates me?"

"How could anyone hate you?" Cameron laughs

"You did" I mutter

"I thought we were cool"

"I just don't see how you can take this so easily? You've just found out that a girl you just met is now your sister"

"You're not just some girl I just met. You're you. I can't explain it. I'm not exactly happy that you're the reason my mom and dad broke up but I'm gappy that it was you and not some other girl who is insanely in love with me."

"I had pictures of you on my wall." I state

"As long as you didn't like makeout with them then I'm cool with that" He laughs

"Oh my god" I say suddenly


"I'm so glad that I haven't kissed you. Imagine how embarrassing that would have been"

"I had a slight crush on my sister. Gross"

"I have a crush on your sister too" JJ laughs

"Same dude" gilinsky admits

"Can we not have this conversation please?" I say shaking my head.

"You can't avoid the truth"

"Want another truth?" Johnson asks

"Go for it" I laugh

"We're here"

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