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April- 1980

I remember exactly how I came across John. He was just sat there- quietly- he was placed at the table across from where I was sat. That was his spot. I remember just looking over at him. He looked glum. Just tapping the table anxiously. He was probably craving coke. I stared at him from behind the book I was reading until he shot up and ran out the cafe door. What the hell? Was he okay? I thought nothing of it.

Same thing occurred the next day. Same time, same place. Except this time he had someone with him sat at the table. Nick? I think that was his name? They were discussing something but John hardly looked engaged in what Nick was saying. He was distracted. But by what?

He knew not of me. But I liked it like that. For awhile anyway. Until all of that changed.

I looked up to see a lanky, tall figure leaning over the table. It was John.
"Um- hi?" I replied in confusion.
"You know I do see you staring at me."
Shit. Busted.
"Uh- shit, sorry- I- I'm sorry."
He giggled whilst saying "no it's fine don't worry!"
I nervously laughed.
"It's just- well, you've just been looking rather glum recently." I confessed.
"That's because I am. My girlfriend- she broke up with me about a week ago now- and- it's taking me a while to get over." John said whilst looking at the ground.
"You must have loved her a lot then." I said.
"Yes. I did...still do." He looked so sad and it broke my heart. I mean, I hardly knew him...but I could feel his pain. I'd been through the same as him before.
"Maybe you ought to do something to get her off your mind!" I suggested.
"I mean, I should be at band practise right now...but I just can't play bass with a broken heart. There's no point the boys putting in effort to play well and then there's me all glum and depressed." 
"How about you hang out with me for a bit. I have nothing to do. Was let go from my job a couple of weeks ago so I could use some company." I offered.
"That doesn't sound too bad actually. Sure."

We walked to the nearest park and placed ourselves on the bench that overlooked the river.
"Sorry, I don't actually know your name?"
"Oh shit yeah, I'm Fiona." I said.
"Ah, that's a pretty name." He complimented me.
"Why thank you...urgh?"
"John. I'm John."
"Thank you. John."
We stared at each other for a couple of seconds until John moved his head to look out onto the river.
"You play bass then do you? What is your band called?" I asked.
"Duran Duran. We got the name idea from a character named Mr Durand Durand from the ski-fy Barbarella!" He explained.
"Ahhh that's well cool. I'm into music myself." I said.
"You are?"
"Yes, I love Bowie and Hendrix! I love to sing" I explained.
"Ahh that's cool! My band is actually looking for a new lead singer! Do you know of any people?" John asked me.
"Yes, in-fact  I do. Simon- my boyfriend, he sings. I'll tell him about you. May I have your number?"
"Yes it's..." John gave me his number and we parted ways. I hoped he would be ok and that I managed to take his mind off of his break up.

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