Love or War?

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Ch. 18

"I think we are being followed


•Couple minutes earlier•

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Couple minutes earlier•

"I'm lost" I said over the phone.

"You're what?" Raphael whisper yelled.

"I'm L.O.S.T. You know, when someone doesn't know where they are?" I roll my eyes before sitting down on the near by bench.

Mexico is so complicated. In England there are people anywhere at anytime so its highly impossible of getting lost in that country. Right now, this place is like ghost town. There isn't even any vehicle passing by.

"I know what lost is veronica," I don't have to see his face to know that he just rolled his eyes.

"How? I mean how the hell you left the Mafia and how are you lost?"

"Well, it wasn't easy. It takes someone with brains to figure it out" I joked. I don't know why but no matter what situation Raphael and I are in, we always find time to joke around.

"Coming from someone who is officially brainless" he chuckled.

"I would have slap you in the face if you were here right now"

"Back to square one, where are you?" he asked in a much serious tone.

"Which part of 'I'm lost' you didn't understand?"

"God girl, explain your surrounding"

"Well...there's a bench, trees, few birds and a rather anonymous grassland, that's it-no wait i just saw a rock" 

"You gotta be kidding me right now, woman" he mumbled.

"Alright," I paused, taking the time to actually inspect my surrounding and it didn't take me long to realize a sign was standing, boldly couple steps away from where I'm siting.

"I'm at the Antelope Park" I stated.

"That's miles away from her, Veronica" he scolded.

"Well get ready because you are actually coming to get me" 

"You will kill me"  he murmur.

"Isn't that what I do best, besides if you can't make it send Nico or Mike."

He sigh before replying, "Okay stay wherever you are, I'll send Micheal for you because I can't leave right now."

"Okay, bye"

Present Time

I let out a satisfied wheeze, when I saw a car finally pulling up besides me. Perhaps its Micheal's so I unlock the passenger seat and slid in.

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