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Akaashi woke to the sound of light snores coming from the floor, where some of the boys still lay from the night before. It was still fairly early only the tiniest bit of light shown through the windows.

He got up and went into the bathroom that was connected to Bokuto's room, who was still sleeping peacefully. In that moment Akaashi was reminded of the feelings he experienced the night before, causing his cheeks to flush. As he brushed his teeth he tried to process how he felt. Did he like Bokuto? He wasn't sure if he did or if it was just the energy that the older boy possessed that made him just feel that way. Or maybe he was imagining it. He definitely didn't imagine Bokuto's arm around him and the way it made him feel.

Akaashi decided to just forget about it unless Bokuto did anything else. But what would the younger boy even say? Would he even address what had happened? Everything was just happening so unexpectedly.

His thoughts were interrupted by the bathroom  door opening to reveal a tired and shirtless Bokuto, whose hair was a mess and not spiked up like it usually was.

"Oh, good morning," Bokuto said, obviously not expecting for anyone else to have been up yet.

"Good morning," Akaashi replied, putting his toothbrush away, mainly to hide how red his face was. Bokuto scooted past the shorter boy, but not without casually placing his hand on Akaashi's waist while doing so, (which if we're being honest was definitely unnecessary). With this Akaashi quickly stepped out of the way and out into Bokuto's bedroom and sat at his desk.

Bokuto's room was what he wouldn't call "organized-messy". They're were books and papers in his bookshelf but they were stacked in all sorts of ways that had no rhyme or reason, other than he had probably just set them there to never be touched again. His dresser had corners of shirts sticking out from the drawers and random socks were on the floor.

The only remotely organized thing was the desk that held Bokuto's pet hamsters cage. The boy really loved his hamster and was extremely excited to tell Akaashi about it when he bought it. Of course he bought it impulsively and had no idea how to take care of it and the younger boy had to research for him and write down instructions on how to care for the hamster. He was honestly surprised Bokuto's hadn't forgotten about it, and it made him laugh to see how enthralled he was with his pet.

Bokuto's appeared back into the bedroom and dug through his dresser until settling on a black t-shirt to put on.

"Want some breakfast?" Bokuto asked, raising his brows and turning to Akaashi, who nodded back at him. They walked through the living room where the other boys were still asleep, and into the kitchen. The older boy began making pancakes and set a plate in front of Akaashi, who gratefully accepted them.

The two sat next to each other and ate their breakfast. Akaashi had never seen his friends so... domestic. His hair was a mess and he gave off such a calm and homey vibe, which was extremely unusual for his character. However, Bokuto was more of a nigh person so he probably just hadn't fully waken up yet.

Akaashi remembered the night before, you're cute, Bokuto had stated. He couldn't tell if he was being genuine or not, and it wasn't unlike Bokuto to say nonsense or just the first thing that popped into his brain. But the feeling it gave him, the older boy's hand on his leg and then sitting pressed together. Just thinking about it caused his stomach to flip and he took another bite of his pancake.

Maybe Akaashi did like him. He definitely felt differently around Bokuto than anyone else before. Or, girls at least. Akaashi had tried having crushes on girls like all the other boys talked about but he could never feel anything genuine. He wasn't sure if he was gay or if he had just never met someone who he liked, after entering high school he came to the decision that it didn't really matter. He knew for a fact that Bokuto liked girls, it wasn't a secret and was painfully obvious at times, especially watching him and his friends as a group of girls would walk past them.  But no one ever seemed to be curious about his preferences or who he was interested in, or at least that he could tell. Well, one girl had pursued him for a while before he moved. She was pretty and very sweet but he couldn't see himself wanting to kiss her or hold her hand. Could he see himself wanting to do that with Bokuto?

Akaashi looked up at Bokuto, who caught him staring. He quickly looked back down at his food, embarrassed.

Yes, he did want that.


After a while the other boys left to return to their homes, leaving Akaashi and Bokuto alone. Normally he wouldn't be so nervous but having recently discovered his feeling for the other boy he was trying not to make himself so obvious.

"Wanna go walk in the park?" Bokuto had asked earlier, "it's not too far from here and it's pretty nice, I think." So that's where they were headed. They made small talk, chatting about school and the holidays coming up.

When they arrived to the park, he saw how pretty it actually was. There was a small pond in the middle and a paved walk way that went all the way around it.

"I used to love to come here when I was younger"Bokuto started, "and I would see how long it would take me to run around the sidewalk. My mom would count for me and I always seemed to do it under twenty seconds." Both boys chuckled at that.

"We had a small park near my old house," Akaashi recalled, "definitely not this nice, but I would always go to read or draw. Sometimes my room feels too cramped or I just need to do something, so this is really nice. Thank you for bringing me."

Akaashi smiled and looked up to see Bokuto already doing the same. The once lighthearted energy between them was now one thick with unsaid things. Akaashi wasn't even sure if what he wanted to say, but he could feel it bubbling up in his throat. Bokuto's lips were slightly pressed together, as if he was trying to put together his words correctly.

"um, I-I think I have to go home now, my moms probably waiting on me by now," Akaashi's words stumbled out as he looked away from the taller boy to gaze at the pond.

"Oh, um yeah, sorry." The pair returned back to Bokuto's house in silence, neither really knowing what to say. When Akaashi arrived home he sat in his room, feeling stupid for lying to Bokuto. He definitely shouldn't have done that and now he had probably just hurt his best friend's feelings for leaving so abruptly.

He was such an idiot sometimes.


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