Chapter 9: Ooops

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Chapter 9: Ooops

"Come on, now, watch yer step! We better get up an' at 'em, now. Faster," Hagrid held a torch as he led the students unto the platform. "Hello, Harry, Harley, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George," he greeted each one by one as they stepped out of the express. "Hello, Hagrid," they replied. "Psst, Harry, Harley," Hagrid called to them, "Here. It might help yeh two. Wasn' able teh give it teh yeh durin' yer birthdays. Well, better late tha' never I suppose," he explained as he gave them one wrapped package each. "Thanks, Hagrid," they thanked him as they joined the group of 3rd year students as they were entering the castle. Harry examined the package. It was tightly wrapped with numerous lengths of rope, twine and string. Oh, how Harry was itching to open the package.

After the sorting ceremony, Harry looked at Harley and as if reading his mind, Harley nodded at Harry. They took out the tightly wrapped packages they had under their robe. "...Now I would like to introduce our new teacher, Rubeus Hagrid who will be taking up 3rd Years for a wonderful class filled with Magical Creatures..." Professor Dumbledore was at the middle of his talk and everyone clapped except for Harry and harley who looked shocked to see Hagrid there in the teachers' area of the great hall, when the last twine was released from the package when Dumbledore said, "Let us eat, then, young children," he smiled and food appeared on the plates. Harry and Harley were starting to unwrap the big parchment  but suddenly growls came from the still not visible gift. Then suddenly the unwrapped package jumped in the air and wreaked havoc in the north side of the Griffindor table and on the south side as well. When the parchments were ripped apart from the package, all the students were to see a demonic looking book with teeth that were supposedly the pages. Screams were everywhere and the teachers were trying to see through the flying gellatin, turkey legs, cherry juice and pudding. "Tickle it through its spine! Tickle it through his spine!" Hagrid instructed though no one did it and only screams could be done. Suddenly a boy who had dirty blonde hair grabbed the book by its "muzzle" and ran his finger through its spine. The book suddenly calmed down. Harley saw what happened and was eyeing the monster book at her far right. She took out her wand, "Accio, book!" she pointed at the monster book and she caught it by its "muzzle" and shut it tight. She, too, ran her finger by its spine and it was quite. Everyone then looked at her, so did Professor McGonangal and Professor Dumbledore. "Oops?" it sounded much more like a question. "Just goes to show that she's no good as a witch. Maybe she should just go back to those filthy Muggles, oh wait, she's an orphan," Malfoy's sneering voice was heard through the now embarrassing silence. Harley was gripping her wand though she did want to cast some evil spell on him.

"It's my fault, Professor, I gave them the books in advance, I should have warned them," Hagrid said. They were each sitting on a chair in Dumbledore's office. Fawkes was on Harley's lap and she was stroking its feathers. "I know you didn't mean harm, Hagrid," the professor said, "It was actually a jolly good time, seeing the books wreak havoc. A perfect show for the first day of school," he chuckled. "What?" Harry and Harley seemed shocked. "At least, the havoc didn't continue that long, thank you to Mr. Seth," Dumbledore said. "Now, you better go to your dormitories now, before Mr. Filch might think you two are sneaking off of bed, which you better be not," the professor said. 

"All hail the Pranking Princess!" Fred and George beckoned as the two entered the Gryffindor room. "It's not funny, you guys," Ginny and Hermione said and approached the two. "What did Professor Dumbledore say?" Hermione seemed agitated. "It's nothing much, Hermione," Harry said. "All right, all right, now that Harry and Harley are back, you should all return to your rooms," Percy said. "Yes," Fred and George mocked a bow, "your Majesty," and they left. "Two were enough, why did they add another?" Percy shook his head, letting out a frustrated sigh

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