Chapter 12

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"Settle down now students I have an important announcement to make" Professor Mcgonagall said in an attempt to quiet down the not so calm children.
"Where were you today Sam?" Ron asked me in a hurried tone from across the table
"Shhhh listen to what she's going to say" I said quickly covering up the fact that I went with Draco to the ministry of magic.
"I, along with the help of our head girl and boy, have come to a decision that the Hogsmead trip will be brought forward to. . .tomorrow morning" she said and the hall was filled with noise instantly. I felt a hand on my shoulder so I turned around to face Hermione.
"Sam would you like to come with Ginny and me to go and find our dresses tomorrow?" She asked hopefully
"Yeah that would be awesome I'd love to come" I said smiling brightly. I was about to ask her something when the dinner arrived and I was too hungry to continue.

I was walking back to the common room with Draco, deep in conversation about music when I heard my name. I stopped.
"Sam, wait up!" A voice shouted from behind me. I turned around to see a small figure running towards us, I squinted but still couldn't see who it was.
"Who is that?" I asked Draco
"You're completely blind, it's Cormac" he said looking at the nearing figure of him. He ran and then suddenly stopped to rest at a pillar about a few meters away from us.
"Wait for me Draco I'm coming back" I said and walked over to a bent and heavy breathing Cormac.
"Hi can I help you?" I asked him in the nicest way possible. I was just praying that he wouldn't ask me to the dance because Hermione has told me about him. Arrogant and annoying.
"I just-" breath "wanted" breath breath. Soon his breathing was back to normal. He straightened up.
"I wanted to know if I could have the honor of taking you to the dance?" He said showing off a pearly white smile.
NO! I thought but obviously I could say that I had to have a reason.
"Um well I'm er I'm going with someone else, sorry" I said.
He looked shocked, he was probably not used to being turned down often.
"Damn" he swore under his breath but I still heard it "well, whatever" he said and turned to walk off.
Okay then? I thought and I turned back towards Draco.
"What did he want?" He asked once I had reached him
"Well he asked me if I wanted to go to the dance with him" I said quietly
"And . . .?"He said
"I said no, I said I was going with someone else"
"Are you going with someone else?"
"No. But enough about me, who is the lucky girl that's going with you?" I asked wiggling my eyebrows. The smile was wiped off from his face and was replaced by sadness.
"I'm not going to the dance anymore" he said not looking at me in the eye.
"What?"I shouted
"Shhhh" he said putting a hand over my mouth
I took his hand off and whispered
"What? Why aren't you going dufus?" I said with an expression of curiosity on my face.
"Oh I don't know maybe it's because I don't have a date or maybe because I'm the total outcast of Hogwarts? Should I give you any more reasons Man-" just then I heard another voice speak my name.
"Hey Sam" I turned around at Deans voice, he was also a few meters away.
"I'll be back" I said walking over to Dean.
"Hey Dean, how are you?" I asked with a smile
"I'm not too bad, and how are you?" He asked also showing white teeth but not in a show off way more in a 'yeah I have perfect teeth, no big deal' kind of way.
"I'm great thanks" I said
"I was wondering if maybe you would come to the dance with me, you can say no if you want to, I can handle the pain" he said putting a hand over his heart and wiping a fake tear from his eye. I thought about it quickly.
"Sure, I'd like that" I said
"Great so I'll see you then" he gave me a brief hug before leaving. I walked back to Draco for the second time today to see him talking to Astoria Greengrass. I walked up to him as soon as she left.
"What was that about?" I asked
"Oh um she asked me to the dance and I said yes, joy! I mean she's nice and she's pretty but she's just not for me. So what was he all about?" He said gesturing to Dean. I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy when Draco told me this. But why? We were just friends and I am very happy that he got a date to the dance. Right?
"He asked me to the dance and I said yes" I said and we walked the rest of he way to the common room in silence.

Sorry for the short chapter. Something big is about to happen...soon.  Anyway, keep reading and tell me your thoughts. :)

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