Nat's POV

I grabbed Bella's phone while she was sleeping and called Trevor, "Bella?" Trevor said hopefully "Its Nat" I said annoyed, "Trevor, why the f*ck did you try to kiss Bella?" he paused "I don't know" "well gues what, she will never like you! If you want to be her friend, you better make it up to her" I stated more harshly than intended. "How would I do that?" Trevor asked sort of upset. "I have an idea", he screamed into the phone. "Bring Bella to the airport whith all of your stuff at 10 am tommorow. I will meet you there and fill you in on my plan. I set my alarm for 8 and added Trevor's number in my phone. I texted him telling him it was me and went to sleep, thinking about what Trevor had possibly planed.

Bella's POV

I woke up to American Idiot by Green Day, obviously Nat set the alarm. She got up and told me that we had to be somewhere at 10. I went in the shower and put on leggings, a skater skirt, and a white crop top. I walked out to see Nat wearing leggings, a black crop top and the same flannel that she was wearing yesterday. "didn't you wear that yesterday?"I asked "yea, I love it so much, we have to go" I grabbed a granola bar and we headed outside with all our carry-ons. "where are we going?" I asked. "don't ask questions" Nat said sternly. We walked into the airport and Nat told me to whait in line.

Nat's POV

I walk towards Trevor and he handed me 2 tickets to L.A. "You and Bella are coming to L.A. and staying in the O2L house" I started freaking out, but tried my best to keep it covered. Trevor noticed and hugged me, I started to settle down. I grabbed Bella and told her not to ask questions. We went through security and sat down at the terminal. She looked really confused until she heard the lady say "flight 182 to LAX" she started freaking out and calmed down when she saw Trevor. We board the plane and we sat next to each other, Trevor got the window, I was in the middle, and Bella on the end.


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