Chapter 46

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Maura's POV

I woke up to Hayes running into my room and slamming the door.

"Hayes what are you doing?" I asked

"Shh, Camerons chasing me with whip cream" he said

I heard Cameron come up the stairs.

"Hayes I know where you are" he said and opened my door.

Hayes was laying next to me.

"Cameron Alexander Dallas if you get that on me, I will kill you" I said

He pulled Hayes off of my bed and put whip cream all over his face.

There's a glow rave at the beach tonight, and I have to go!

I got changed into sofies and tank top and went downstairs.

We didn't really do anything today, it's 8 and I have to go get ready for the rave.

I went upstairs and wore my straight hair down.

I put on a bright pink tank top and white jean shorts.

I put a pink bandana around my leg and one in my hair.

I did my make up then grabbed my phone and left.

Once I got there, it was crazy.

Music was blasting and everywhere you walked you were getting sprayed with this glow stuff.

I grabbed a water and was talking to some kid.

He left and I was left standing there alone then some creep started grinding on me.

I walked away.

I walked right into this really buff guy.

He picked me up.

"Please put me down" I said

"Your coming with me" he said

I told the guys that I was going to the beach to hang out with Nick, but I wasn't supposed to hangout with Nick and he's not here.

"Put me down" I said

"Shut up" he said

He took me into some hotel and went up to his room.

I'm really scared right now.

"Please let me go" I said

"Shut up" he said

"Can I please use the bathroom?" I said

"Hurry up" he said

I went into the bathroom and put all of the guys in a group chat because I don't know who will or won't see this.

"Guys I went to a rave on the beach and some guy took me, I'm in some hotel and I'm scared please help." I said

I put my phone in silent so that this guy wouldn't hear it.

"Hurry up" he said while knocking on the door.

I walked out of the bathroom and ran for the door but he got me.

"Your not going anywhere" he said and started grinding on me, I just stood there not being able to move because he was holding me there.

"Please stop" I said

He started to feel me up and it only got worse from there on.

He raped me.

He wasn't finished and he went into the bathroom.

I pulled my shorts up then put my sports bra on, I didn't even worry about my shirt because that would take too long.

I ran out of the room and then I heard him chasing me.

I ran as fast as I could, I got out of the hotel and I spotted someone that looked like jack G.

I ran to him, and I latched onto this guys back and he turned around at me, it was him, thank god.

"He's coming" I said

Jack saw the guy running at us.

He handed me to jack J and he went up to the guy.

He freaked on the guy then held him down and called 911.

I was sitting with JJ when a cop came over to me and started asking questions.

"What happened?" He asked

"He picked me up and went to his hotel room and ra-raped me" I said and started crying into jacks chest.

"Shhh mar, your safe now" he said

I saw Nash and Cameron and Hayes and Matt and will come over to us

"Do you go to this rave with that as a shirt?" Will asked

"Will, she was raped" jack said

Will just hugged me.

"I'm sorry" he said

"Here have my shirt" Hayes said and threw his shirt at me.

I put his shirt on and felt better because I'm not sitting here in my sports bra.

The cops finished asking questions and took the guy, then we went home.

I feel so dirty.

I ran upstairs to the shower and scribes myself for 2 hours, not exaggerating.

I got out of the shower and put on sweat pants and a hoodie.

"You took a 2 hour shower" Cameron said

"I still feel dirty" I said

"Aw" Cameron said then hugged me.

I sat with him.

"Where's Kayla?" I asked

"She went on vacation with her family, she'll be back in 2 weeks" cam said

"Oh" I said

I Layed with Cameron and we watched benchwarmers (if you haven't seen that movie, it's on Netflix and I recommend that you watch it).

I feel asleep and Cameron just Layed on the couch with me instead of putting me up stairs.

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