Gabriel- envisioned as Joseph Morgan

Edited 6/29/16


"So I hear your name is Eira," Jagger teased walking slowly towards me, taking one step at a time.  He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes and he cracked his neck. "Your last name Medina. I presume your mother is Danielle, is she not?"

"How did you find me?" I asked, dread suddenly filling me as I ignored Jagger's question. I backed up slowly, nearing the doors of the police station to exit.  I was hoping that he was too focused on mocking me to see that I was plotting to escape again. 

"Why a little birdie told me," he mocked, grinning even wider, revealing his canine teeth that looked a little too sharp for a human. "Alright fine," he scoffed, waving his hand around and then chuckled. "It was the dispatch operator."

"This is not funny!" I shouted back. "Someone please help me!" I screamed trying to get any attention from within the police station but Jagger just shook his head slowly and rolled his eyes at my behavior. 

"Tsk Tsk honey, I just told you no one's going to help you here so I'd save the vocal cords for later. You might need it then," he taunted, grabbing the cellphone out of his pocket.

"What? Why?" I yelled, backing up even more, my back hitting the door.

He put the phone up to his ear grinning. "Because Gabriel issues the orders around here."

"Liar!" I spat and turned running out the doors of the building.

"You won't get far," Jagger's voice teased, singing as he exited the building after me.

He was right. I didn't get far. Jagger caught me down the road and pinched a pressure point in my neck causing me to fall unconscious.

I don't exactly remember passing out but I remember in my dream that everything was so dark and I was alone and terrified. It felt like I was in another realm just floating around. Gabriel's face appeared in my dream and with it came a range of mixed emotions of anger, sadness, relief, confusion and love? Where the hell had love come from? Eventually Gabriel disappeared and I found myself once again surrounded by a pitch blackness for miles and miles like an endless void in space until I found myself being buried alive with people gathered around my coffin but I couldn't make out their faces. I suddenly could hear voices but I couldn't make out the words. In the distance, I could finally see the light. My first instinct was to run but warmth overcame my body as I neared it. I reached my hand out and I was sucked in.

A gasp left me and my eyes fluttered open. My throat felt parched as I glanced around at my surroundings. I was in the basement again but in a cell this time locked up.

"I can't believe Alpha Gabriel acted like that. I've never seen him that angry since she died," a deep voice exclaimed. "Hey that was my food," the same voice yelled as I heard a scuffling.

"Do you hear that? It's the sound of me not caring."

I turned my head slowly to make the figures of two men sitting across the cell tackling each other.

Gasping, I clutched my rumbling stomach as the two men snapped their heads toward me. "Well sleeping beauty's finally awoke," the brunette haired man chuckled as he stood up stretching. His hair was cut short as his brown eyes looked over me with curiosity unlike his red haired friend beside him who scowled in annoyance, narrowing his hazel eyes.

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