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(Picture is Coral)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 2 ~ Surprises

I saw Ashley's frame go rigid as soon as Walter sat down next to her. She had been saving the seat for her boyfriend Leon, but there was no way she would ask Walter to get out it. Besides the whole class of seniors had gone silent, including the teacher.

Mr Dane sat on his desk, register in hand and mouth open in shock.

Walter just sat still, eyebrows half raised in amusement.

"So..." He said, smiling a little.

I had to say, I rarely ever saw Walter smile and it was weird..

Leon entered the classroom just then, he was late. He did a double take, his blue eyes wide when he saw Walter Simpson in his seat, then he dropped his books on an empty desk at the front.

I took a glance at Walter only to jump when I saw he was looking right back at me. It wasn't a look of hatred or anger, which was a change. But all the more, I would never want him looking at me in any way at all.

Mr Dane snapped his mouth shut and started registration. 


"Yes Sir."


"Yes Sir."



"Yeah...what?" Mr Dane mimicked. 

"Yes Sir." 


Only an hour later.

"I'm going to put you all in groups so you can make presentations on what we learnt today." Our teacher said, walking the length of the room.

It was the second period, and I was absolutely gutted to see that Walter also had Physics. He had been away from school so long that I had forgotten what options he took. Half way through our first lesson, Walter had been taken out of the class. We all assumed that he was being patted down for any knives or weapons like that. A few of us (i.e me.) hoped that he was being taken out for the rest of school. 

"Okay, group one is Radio Waves. Juliet, Daniel and....Carlton," Mrs Stone ordered. 

I wasn't looking forward to this. Working on projects with others wasn't my strong point. It meant having to meet outside of school, preferably at someones house. I always made excuses as to why people couldn't come round mine and I was sure students were starting to gossip about that. Furthermore we were doing the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and each group had to do a section of it. 

"Group two is Microwaves, that's Thomas....Elliot....and....George," Mrs Stone was working her way around the classroom.

Then a thought suddenly hit me. I was sitting a seat away from Walter Simpson and that meant she would pick us to go in a group together, probably with Lucinda who sat in between us. My heart started thumping again, like the way it had been last night. 

"Group three is Infra Red. Erm Walter.....Lucinda....."

Please no...

But I knew what she was going to say before she said it. 

"...and Coral."

I clenched my fist, and squeezed my eyes shut. Oh god, I couldn't believe it.

In the last five minutes of the lesson Mrs Stone told us to arrange how we are going to complete our presentations. I slowly turned to face Lucinda, and couldn't help catching Walter's eye. I was so scared it was unbelievable. 

"So who's house shall we err....." Lucinda trailed off, looking as pale as I did. 

"Not mine," I blurted. "We have guests at the moment," I quickly added as an excuse, remembering all the dirty dishes and empty beer cans littered about. I tried my hardest to clean after my Dad but he always out did me somehow. 

I snuck a peak at Walter beneath my blond eyelashes, hoping he wouldn't catch me looking. He was scratching his jaw and looking around the classroom with his hazel eyes, probably not even listening to Lucinda and I. 

Lucinda bit her lip, probably trying to think of an excuse as to why we couldn't meet at her's. I didn't blame her, I didn't want any of the Simpson's knowing where I lived either. Period.

"You can come to mine." Walter said suddenly in a smooth voice. 

I didn't even know he had been paying attention. 

"Yes...okay.." Lucinda said nervously after a long pause, twiddling her brown locks.

Walter looked at me, and my heart started racing as if I had just finished a 100 meter sprint.

"Yeah," I gasped quickly, trying to take the limelight off me.

Then I realised what we were had just done. I had foolishly agreed to go to the Simpson household. The place where all the dangerous youths actually lived. There could be anything in there!! I would be walking right into the cats den. Aw hell. 

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