Chapter 4

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'Did you check it out? Did you?' Louise was whispering breathlessly, the second she spotted Savannah arriving at the executive wing. Savannah smiled and greeted the rest of their colleagues as she passed them.

Unfazed by the fact that Savannah was ignoring her, Louise just went right ahead. 'Her name is Raquel something or the other. She is Brazilian,' came the conspirational whisper. Savannah continued to ignore Louise as she switched on her pc. 'Do you think her boobs are___.'

'Louise!' Savannah hissed in sheer frustration. She avoided looking at the picture her nosey friend had resourcefully downloaded.


'Please___. Mr. Templeton is going to walk in at any second. Can you get rid of that?'

Savannah was surprised he was not yet in his office. On second thoughts he was probably still enjoying exotic breakfast in bed...Brazilian cuisine no doubt.

'Fine,' Louise sulked, folding her juicy evidence carefully. She stuffed it into the pocket of her tight fitting denims. 'Why are you so terrified of Ross as if he's an ogre or something? Mind you if he was an ogre, he is the most gorgeous ___.'

'Louise! I think you should go back to your office.'

'You really are in a foul mood today Savannah. Perhaps you need some ___.'

Savannah stood up threateningly before Louise could finish her sentence.

'Okay!' Louise laughed, lifting her hands up to her chest submissively. 'I'm going. Can we go have pizza for lunch,' she urged as she walked to the door.

'Sure,' Savannah smiled with relief. 'Meet you downstairs at one.'

Savannah typed, filed, answered calls. Every five minutes her eyes ventured towards the private elevator. It never opened. Where the hell are you? Still in bed? Where else and obviously not alone. It was almost nine o' clock. He was generally in the office by eight. It was no consolation to Savannah that Ross's diary was empty until eleven. She silently wished there was something in his diary, so she could call him and remind him that he was late. She gave up on the figures she was trying to reconcile, shoved her chair back irritatedly and poured herself some coffee. Ross would have had two coffees by now.

'Ross are you listening to me!'

'Sorry?' Ross stared at his baby sister in confusion.

'Where exactly is your mind, brother dear? It's so unusual for you to be preoccupied,' she teased with a grin.

Ross lowered his eyes, sighing silently. His mind was where it always seemed to stray recently, to his sexy secretary. The unthinkable had happened to him last night. He was having dinner with a stunning supermodel and astonishingly he could not wait to get rid of her and go to his own bed alone! Has his secretary bewitched him? Damn he had to get her into his bed and soon! She was like a virus and ironically the antibody to that cursed virus. He needed his fill of her so he could get rid himself of the said virus. Now he could not even hold a conversation with his sister, without her creeping into his thoughts.

'What did you say?' Ross reluctantly shifted his eyes to his sister.

Tatum rolled her eyes in disbelief. 'I said I want Savannah at my birthday party.'

No wonder he'd been wool gathering. His sister had mentioned her name.

Ross stood up and smiled. 'I can't very well demand my secretary avail herself for your party minx,' he playfully tugged at her ponytail, 'but if you would like Savannah to attend as a guest, you're very welcome to invite her....if she's available!

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