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should have stayed on the sofa, forgot i hate being social

i was in my room with avani and anthony while she was currently live. she set her phone down and started reading comments.

"who does milo like?" avani said.
"i dont know, who do you like milo?" she turned to me.
"i dont know. i havent thought about it"
"oh come on" she whined while laying on top of me.
"get off child"
"im older than you!"
"anthony, get avani pleaseee"

he laughed and picked her up, holding her like a baby.

"eww pda"
"im gonna do the exact same thing when you get a boyfriend" anthony replied.
"who's to say im gonna get a boyfriend?"
"i will make it happen"

i rolled my eyes and picked up avani's phone. i saw that josh richards, kio cyr, vinnie hacker and charli d'amelio joined.

"gimme my phone" avani said.
"no thanks" i said while running out of my room with it.

i heard the loud thuds of her footsteps while i ran around the corner and hid in the bathroom.

"hey guys so i stole avani's phone and here i am, hiding in the bathroom cabinet" i said while giggling.

i heard her footsteps come in so i stilled myself and went dead silent. once i was sure she left, i ran into the living room and grabbed my skateboard. i ran outside and into the backyard.

"milo!!" avani yelled while following me.
"hey hey, we can talk this out, no need to get aggressive" i said while laughing.
"i will sit on you!"
"woah woah buddy! chill out man! we can talk this out!". i said while laughing even more.

suddenly i was picked up and the phone was taken from my hand.

"eww put me down anthony!"
"okay" he said while walking towards the pool.
"NO! not with the socks!"

just then avani started screen recording her live, and flipped the camera as anthony stood over the pool.

"anthony i swear to god!"
"what are you gonna do?"
"i will trash your room!"
"its already messy" he said while letting go of me.

i felt my back hit the water as i quickly surfaced. i jumped out of the cold water and looked at avani.

"you wanna hug?"
"no!" she said while running.
"i just want a hug!"

i followed her through the backyard since anthony locked us both out of our own house.

"wait avani come here" i whispered.

she walked over to me so that we were both out of anthonys view.

"we can climb through the window and soak him" i said.
"oh my god do it!"

i silently opened the window and crawled through, her following. once we were in, i ran behind him and wrapped my arms around him, instantly soaking him in water.

"thats what you get for throwing me in the pool"

after all those weird things i was scrolling through tiktok when i saw some posts on my fyp of vinnie. wait? he was at the beach yesterday? ohhhh thats why anthony was there.

i liked a few of his posts and apparently anthony saw.

"sooo you and vinnie.."
"he doesnt even know me"
"yes he does. we saw you guys at the beach yesterday"
"oh my god"
"want his number?"
"i feel awkward"
"oh my god milo! stop being shy! im gonna make him text you when i get home"

he rolled his eyes and continued cuddling with avani. i fake gagged and ran into my room.

i got a random notification so i instantly clicked on it. it took me to instagram and it was a post of people shipping me and vinnie. i didnt even know him that well. drama pages already started posting that we followed eachother yesterday and it was kind annoying but, thats just life as a tiktoker.

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