"This Ill's Humanity's Incarnate Sin" by @readwithjeremy

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This is one of the two winners of the Lust portion of the Ennead contest held in June 2020. Thank you @readwithjeremy for your fantastic piece.

(Written in iambic Pentameter)

This Ill's




Labor'ous for my next of carnal sins—

unbridled in my abstinence—I made

salacious objects of the women I

took into bed, whom I did woo with my

fictitious claims of what I had achiev'd,

unshaken by my immorality

(leviathanal like a muscle work'd)

nor by develop'd feelings of these gals—

enamour'd by the time they left my bed

sanguine with blissful night whilst I did feel

sardonic once the door was clos'd, for they'd

insisted all at outset that they were

not of the sort 'til I did show them their

voracious natures hung'ring for a bite

into the flesh that I presented them

toward the end of sharing them a night

engag'd in coital ecstasy t'reveal

sagacity of giving to desires

they'd held so deep within themselves in shame,

hauteur to never give response to wants

entangled in their bodies' lusting loins,

which they perceiv'd at odds with other goals,

instead of satisfying to resume

neurotic other tasks, which I did find

disdainful, for my view was single and

schismatic, 'til my words of honey sweet

obscur'd their better judgments so I could

factitiously implant within their minds

halluc'natory hopes that I'd be theirs,

effacing my intentions sexual,

lascivious with innuendo's charm,

lampooning love, for I preferr'd to be

scott-free of these connections they did form;

so ever on I'd go seducing more,

enchanting with my charm and using my

cajoling expertise to cast my spell

on those whose beauty captivated my

nefarious and sinful gaze which would

debase the women so my conscience could

collaborate with sexual desire

in bedding left and right by building up

rapport with them until—befell my life—

calamity, for falling in a croc's

lagoon was last mistake I made before

erratic twists and turns did sweep my soul.

(Please read the bold letters)

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