The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 24

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...and I was fully prepared to fu-

I tuned out of Ade's thoughts as I walked down the stairs of the school. I wasn't being funny, but ever since I had mated with Annie, talks of sleeping with an endless string of girls were completely wasted on me. Now, my mind was full of thoughts about her wellbeing and our future together. The others had actually written me off as a sad case because all I talked about was Annie. And when I wasn't speaking about her, I was thinking about her, which was just as bad because they could all read my mind.

School was just impossible right now. Every time someone so much as brushed against Annie, I was by her side, ready to rip out their throat with my teeth. It was like an obsession that was getting way out of hand, but apparently, it didn't get any better. I was surprised that she hadn't got sick and tired of the protective mate routine. Mind you, ever since we had been left to babysit Max, I had been nervous about being left on my own with her, which probably made me look completely Bipolar.

I tried to dodge the short first years that were running around in front of me. What was so difficult about walking in a straight line? Fair enough if you were drunk or something, I could imagine it being a little more difficult, but these kids weren't; they were just bloody annoying.

So much tolerance, Annie sang in my head. I smiled at the sound of it, even though I must have looked like a complete idiot.

Says you, Little Miss Impatient, I replied lightly, gently shoving through the crowd,

Yeah, but I'm not the one with baby on the brain, she teased, you've got to be tolerant if you have kids, Cal.

She had a point but there was no way in hell that I was going to tell her that.

If it was our kid, baby, I'd be plenty tolerant.

I was met with silence, and I knew that she was either annoyed with me, or distracted, which, considering it was Annie, the latter was just as likely as the former. I mean, the girl could be in the middle of having a conversation, and then go off and discuss something else which was entirely irrelevant. But it was sort of sweet in a slightly crazy way.

She grabbed me as soon as I had stepped outside the school building, her grip firm on my arm, dragging me towards my car. I let her pull me, mildly amused by the effort she was putting into it. Her scent lingered in my nose, making my wolf get a bit frenzied. She was still in heat as far as I could make out, but for how much longer was anyone's guess. I had hoped that I would be able to sway her on having a baby, make her realise that having a baby wouldn't be as bad as she was making out, but I hadn't made much progress. Sure, she didn't throw things at my head anymore whenever I thought about children, but the block that she had put on her thoughts made it difficult to make out what she was really thinking. She could have been planning my murder and I would be none the wiser. Except, that was unlikely, because I was immortal, but you get the picture.

"What's wrong?" I asked, unlocking the car. She let go and sat in the front seat, slamming her door behind her. Why the hell did she have to do that? What had the car done in the grand scheme of things? I resisted the temptation to pat her door before getting in beside her, fixing a steely frown in her direction.

"We're going for a walk," she informed me curtly, facing the front of the car. Okay, we were going for a walk. In the car. Was I the only one who saw something wrong with that sentence? I raised my eyebrows at her, waiting for her to explain some more. When I was met with silence, I refused to turn the ignition on, turning to look at her instead.

"Cal," she growled, putting her hands on my knees and sending tingles up my legs, "I want to have a chat with you. One that isn't being listened to by half a dozen other people." I turned the key but didn't reverse, still looking at Annie. She sighed, rolling her eyes.

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