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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

 Chapter 1 ~ Collision

"I'm so sorry!!" I exclaimed, stepping back from the dark figure I had just crashed into on my haste.

"You damn well better be!" The voice growled back. 

My blood ran cold. The voice sounded strangely familiar and it belonged to no one else but Walter Simpson.

I was suddenly thankful for the crappy streetlights in these parts of town for once. It was dark, so maybe he wouldn't be able to see me, I thought.  I prayed silently that he wouldn't recognise me, else I really would be dead meat.

"I-I..I really am." I stammered quietly. 

He paused. Then I heard him put his hand in his pocket, searching around in it. 

Oh god no....He was going to kill me. Right here and now. My legs started trembling beneath me, if I even tried to run, they would probably give out. And besides, we were in the street at eleven at night...no one was around to help me when Walter caught me up.

I didn't even have a chance to think my final thoughts when Walter flashed his phone light in my face. I blinked hard, then squinted. 

Well at least he had the decency to see who he was about to stab, before he ended my life. 

"Oh." He said dryly, taking in my limp blonde hair and dull blue eyes. 

"Sorry." I whispered, truly terrified. 

I couldn't see his expression as he was still shining the light in my eyes, but I could sense that it had somehow softened.

"It's alright." I noted all trace of anger had drained from his voice.

I didn't stick around. I slipped past him and carried on walking fast through the run down part of town in the dark, to my house. My heart was still beating incredibly fast, and I was almost running by the time I rounded onto my street. At least the street lights worked around here, I thought to myself. Then I would be able to see if he had followed me or not...

I quickly entered my house, and shut the door behind me, locking it. 

I couldn't believe I had just bumped into Walter Simpson, and we had exchanged a few words. These things didn't happen everyday, despite my fear, I wished that I had been able to see his face too. 

I crept upstairs, so as not to disturb my dad. He had drinking problems and I wanted to avoid any confrontations tonight, I was pretty tired. After tip-toeing down the corridor, I slipped into my room and turned on my desk lamp. 

I breathed a big sigh of relief. When I turned 18 I was moving out of this house, I told myself. Not just being in the run-down part of town, I also had to share the house with my father. He wasn't a very safe man, but I loved him. I would do anything not to go to social services, and in a month I would be able to rent a room somewhere else in town.

Getting dressed into my jammies, I slipped into bed.


The Simpson brothers ranged in ages from 15-21.

From the top there's Phoenix who's 21, he's known for going to jail 6 times in his life time. Mostly for small amounts of time (around 4 months) but also for the two year sentence. There were many rumors as to what happened, but it's not really known which one is actually true. Some people say he was getting involved with drugs, which is believable. Other's say he was sex trafficking, which is slightly less believable. There was also him poisoning a man with raw heroin, which is verging on unbelievable.

Next there's Landon, the 19 year old male prostitute. Aha, I kid. He's more like a male-whore. Landon has probably slept with all the the women aged 18-23 in the whole town...okay, overstatement. But girls do rarely ever say no. He's amazingly sexy, but then again so are all his brothers. It's most likely the the dark brown eyes and the lip ring that sets him forward. But double-cross the guy, and you'll be wiped off the face of the earth. Quite literally. There are rumors that Landon is responsible for the deaths of three people. He didn't kill them with his own hands, but he was the cause I'm guessing. All three of the dead were mixed in with gangs and drug dealing, so it wasn't that hard for Landon to be covered up.

Then it's Walter. He's 18. Walter's known for his anger problems. He's put several people in a comas, during fights and usually without the aid of his knife. Once he gets started, its hard for him to stop, he normally doesn't stop until he's worn himself out though. I've seen him once in action before, and it wasn't anything nice at all. That's why he scares the crap out of everybody, even his own brothers are careful around him. To match his dark personality, Walter has jet black hair and a tattoo.

Eli is more unfamiliar than his brothers. At age 17, he does a good job of being everything but attention seeking. In fact, I've only seen him a couple times and I've never heard him speak. But the frightening thing is that he's been expelled from school a lot of times, all for confidential reasons. No-one even bothered to start a rumour about that. The times that I've seen Eli, he always seemed to set himself apart from his brothers. I would say poor kid, but he was possibly also capable of my death.

The triplets are a lot more social, I've encountered them many times and they seem nice enough. At age 15, they really shouldn't be getting into much trouble, but somehow they've been to the Young Offenders Unit multiple times each. Following their brother's footsteps and not long from jail, I guess. Gomez, is the one who gets into the most trouble out of the three of them. He's a well known theif. Everytime I've seen Giovanni, he's been munching on something. Whether its a biscuit, or a burger he's always eating, but remaining pretty trim. Hmm. Severn is the laid-back one, even the way he talks sounds relaxed. He always wears jogging bottoms, unlike the rest of his bros. 

Anyways, Walter, Eli, Gomez, Giovanni and Severn are all supposed to attend school but they never really do. They always cause trouble when they are present, whether its thieving, fighting or being plain out destructive. The teachers were always stressed out when the Simpson brothers were at school, and so that's why they had given up sending letters to their home when they didn't show up. They didn't even live with their parents. They lived with their older brothers who were very much legal, so it didn't really make much difference at all.

The school had been pretty quiet for at least 6 months, with not one of the Simpson's setting foot on the campus. Not even the younger ones. Not that anyone was complaining, the students and the teachers were all pretty relieved, including me. My life was so much less tense without the deadly group turning up to learn.

And so that's why nearly the whole school was in disbelief when Walter Simpson attended school the next day.


So guys, here's my story. See if you can work out which sin goes to which brother! Good luck ~ J

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