Escape (Danganronpa)

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"Makoto." A soft voice alerted me, causing me to wake up from my light doze and sit up intently, aware that something might have happened that I wasn't conscious of. "Kyoko? What are you doing here? Did something happen?" I asked, taking in the tall female who was standing at the side of my bed.

"Sorry for coming in without your permission. But I discovered something you might find interesting." She paused, and then added- "Everyone is fine."

I stood up, raking a hand through my hair. "I'm sorry for dozing off during the afternoon.. I've hardly been able to sleep since we've arrived here and I thought I might rest-"

She shook her head. "Don't worry about it. I have been thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a bath with the others? We've all been stressed lately." "A bath..?- Oh! That actually sounds great, Kyoko!" I said enthusiastically, sharing a small understanding look. "Let's go get the others!"

The dressing room next to the bathhouse was one of the only places in that hell of a school that didn't have security cameras which is why when we had something important to say, or a discovery to share, we went there so we don't have to worry about Monokuma overhearing.

We searched the school for our remaining friends, (this is set midway through THH, around chapter 4?) and when finished rounding them up, we dropped the hint that a bath would be nice.

They caught on and everyone, including Aoi, Kyoko, Yasuhiro, Toko, Byakuya and myself set off, acting happy about having a nice, relaxing time.

Even if no-one was watching us currently, it still was wise to pretend just in case.

Once we all entered safely, Kyoko updated us on her discovery. "I think I might've found a way out." She said simply, her expression neutral.

The group let out a collective gasp. "Before we jump to conclusions," Byakuya interjected, hand resting on chin. "How do we know this isn't a trap?" He said, narrowing his eyes at Kyoko, untrusting.

My peers glanced at each other uneasily but Kyoko swiftly replied. "I can show you with everyone else, Byakuya. But we need to do it sometime which isn't too suspicious."

"We should probably go in groups." I suggested. "Even if it were a time that was less suspicious, Monokuma would probably pick up that we were up to something since we've already been together once today."

"We could go as a group in a week or two instead." Aoi commented.

"Who knows, the exit might be gone by then. We can never be sure. This is Hope Peaks' after all." Byakuya pointed out.

"You're right.." Aoi murmured.

"Let's have a vote. We can't stay in here for too long or Monokuma will get suspicious." Kyoko said, quickly interrupting. "All in favour of going together as a group and risking it this week, raise your hand. Byakuya, Aoi, Kyoko and Yasuhiro put their hands up and glanced at me guiltily.

"Sorry Mokoto." Aoi said softly. "I just think it's fairer if we all get to see the exit and get the opinion of everyone."

I nodded. "I'm just wary of the risk of Monokuma suspecting something is up, but we can go in a group if you all want."

Kyoko clapped her hands together. "That concludes that. In Two days, we'll meet at breakfast and I'll show you guys where to go. Hopefully Monokuma is occupied."

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