Chapter 1 - Prologue

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My name is Scarlett Taylor Anderson. I am from the USA. I'm also a fan of the band 5 Seconds of Summer. My birthday is October 5, 1995. I'm seventeen.

I live in Long Beach, California with my mom, my dad, my younger brother, and my older sister. My mom's name is Patricia, and my dad's name is James. My younger brother's name is Xavier.

My older sister's name is Macy. She likes 5 Seconds of Summer too. She's eighteen, and her birthday is three days after Ashton's, meaning her's is July 10, 1994. We both have the same favorite band member: Ashton. She says that since she's closer to him in age, that she should be the one to have him as her favorite, but I don't care. It's about love, not age. She randomly tells me that her name would sound great if she married Ashton. It would be Macy Alaina Irwin. I, personally, think mine would be better: Scarlett Taylor Irwin. I don't care what Macy says, I'm sticking with that.

Other than fighting over Ashton, we bond over obsessing over 5sos. It's our thing. I'd say that Macy and I are pretty close, that is, until I entered the exchange program and moved to Australia.

I was bullied at my school. I'm only in my junior year of high school. Every day, there was a group of the popular kids: three sluts and their slaves (their boyfriends). Of course, the girls were cheerleaders and the boys were on the football (A/N: American Football) team. They have been bullying me for years now.. They know that I obsess over 5sos, and now they tease me more because of that. They tell me that I'll never meet them, never mind date them or marry them. It just the way they say it, though. I wanted to get out of my school partly because of that.

I play basketball, and when I enrolled in the student exchange program, I had to leave my team that I called family and meet a new team. That was one of the bad things.

I'll get into more depth about the program later, so I won't get too far in yet.


Shitty, I know... I'm sorry:( these first chapters are usually shitty because they're short and not interesting.

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