The Reaper nodded, and went on, "That is why I had assigned Marie to look after Stein, since her wavelength produces positive effect on the latter. It seems like so does yours, Athena."


"You are the first person to last more than a week with him without getting operated, seeing that you volunteered to be his lab assistant. That is history," the Grim Reaper answered. "So I need both of you to look after Stein, and if possible, keep his insanity level low. He is the strongest technician of Shibusen, and once he goes berserk, all of death will break loose. However, Athena..."

"Y-Yes, Sir?"

"For as long as Asura is free, Stein will remain as a dangerous person. As much as I want you to look after him, I want you to keep your distance as well. Who knows what an even more crazy Franken Stein might end up doing? Here enters your task, Odysseus."


"Keep an eye on your meister. The last damage done by Medusa... It should not happen again."

"Yes, Sir..." Athena and Odysseus answered.

"As for you, Spirit, amongst all, you are the one who had been with Stein for the longest time, so if anyone knows him best and controls him best, it is you," the Reaper went on. "Keep him sane, alrighty~?"

"His orders are pretty confusing..." Odysseus mumbled once they had left the Death Room.

Athena nodded. "'Look after Stein. Stay away from him.' I don't know which one to follow. Is it even possible to do both?" The blonde sighed, tucking some blond hair behind her ear.

"I'm certain you won't do the second one," her partner said, whistling a wee bit. "Right? I know you, Athena. You can't stay away from people you've grown attached to."

She was silent.

"Heh. I know because you can't even stay away from me," Odysseus added. When she said nothing, the male began to grow worried. "H-Hey. Say something."

"Marie-senpai looks like an awesome woman!" She declared, eyes sparkling. "W-Wait. Were you saying something, Odysseus?"

He groaned. "Nevermind. Just about His Reaperness' orders... What do you plan to do?"

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