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So far, everything had calmed down. It seemed like Asura, the Kishin has no intentions of attacking. Well, at least not for now. But still, it's better safe than sorry. The Grim Reaper had called all of the Death Scythes across the world to be in Shibusen.

In Death Room, Athena nervously stood beside the Grim Reaper, with Odysseus on her other side. "This is Athena, our... er... How do I put it...?"

"Our junior researcher and my daughter!" Stein finished, smiling goofily at the others. "Shibusen's genius, and mini-goddess!"

Athena couldn't believe herself. She was being introduced to the strongest weapons from Shibusen! Ms. Marie, Ms. Asuza, Mr. Justin... This is like a dream come true!

"Wow, Stein, I didn't know you ever got a daughter!" Marie told him. "To think someone had endured your insanity! You're not making experiments on her, are you?"

"I'm not! I'm not!" The Professor replied. "The stitches on her were because of Medusa's attacks! She's a good and smart girl! Besides, I learned a lot about the human body already from Spirit-senpai!"

"Why, you, monster--!"

Grim Reaper coughed, and everyone went silent. "As I was saying, this is Athena, our junior researcher, and her partner, Odysseus. They're young alright, but as what Stein had said, they're geniuses! I am certain they could be of help. A~nyways, I called you all here to discuss a certain change in the faculty."

"DON'T DEMOTE ME!" Spirit practically cried out, running to a corner and sulking.

"I won't, you idiot!" Grim Reaper told him as he gave him a Shinigami chop. "You will still remain as my weapon. So, Marie, for now, you would be Stein's weapon. Asuza will take care of what Marie had left in Oceania, and Justin... Be on reserve."

"H-How about me, Sir?" Athena asked, pointing to herself. She felt the Reaper's hand on her back, as he continued to speak, "You may all go, but Spirit, Athena and Odysseus, do stay."

B-But why...? I-Is His Reaperness going to send them away?!

It seemed like the Grim Reaper had already discussed the current fact to the Death Scythes, and there is something else that should be discussed with them. "So, as you know, Asura is spreading his wavelengths of insanity all over, and Stein himself is pretty much aware of it. Do you know what is my concern?"

Death Scythe answered, "That man is crazy without the wavelength of insanity. Now that it's there, he might just lose control."

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