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I reached the factorie its like 15 minutes away from here I stopped the car and pulled out my phone it was 3:50 I walked into the field and stood right in front of the giant  door I opened it and it was dark really dark.

So I walked in and pulled out a flash light then started walking further and I was screaming out the boys names "zayn,niall,lou,liammmm, harryyy, I stretched  liam and Harry's name guys where are you guys." suddenley someone came behind me laughing "you little pest you would do any thing for your mates foolish girl have'nt  your mates ever told you not to listen to strangers" he said "who are you what do you want with me where are my mates" I asked scared I couldn't see his face cause he had a black hoddie on and his hands where behind his back I was scared to death.


We reached home and where all exited Sam Sam come down we got a surprise for you "harry leave her alone she might me sleeping" said Louis "no she's not sleeping she's not at home" said zayn staring at all of us with big eyes."what do you meen she's not at home" said niall in a sacred voice "one of the cars are gone" said zayn panicking "send her a text she must of gone to the store or something" said liam "why the hell would she take the freakin car to the store" said zayn annoyed."I don't care a dam what y'all do I'm gonna find Sam bye" said zayn and ran off not in vampire speed just normal speed  I followed him and the boys did too."we're almost there" said zayn.


Please let me go I'll just take my mates and get out of here please I'm begging you please I said crying "oh darling if only your mates where here I'm sure they won't mind if their preshous mate where dead they would be to late to save you" said the man y- you wa-wa you wont get away wit-.


We're here let's go inside " wow its dark in here" said Niall's shocked guys stay together got it "yeh" a answered all the guys.


Ga- ga ga get o- off m-me I was cut off by him biting me and he started sucking my blood I felt weak and dizzy and I had enough strength to kick him off ugh don't you dare come near me. " shut the fuck up bitch how dare you kick me you little bitch looks like all your mates did not mark you well too bad they won't ever be able to do it" he said "huh what do you mean by that". I mean this (STAB!) Huh I siged in pain and shock.


"AAAAH" we heard a loud scream and harry started shivering and his hair was standing up like he saw a ghost or something "zayn who the hell just screamed" asked harry "was that" said harry shocked no harry shut up its not her OK just shut up. Sam Sam Sam you here Sam Sam can you hear me Sam! Screamed zayn.


I'm here I said but it barely came out as a whisper the man ran off but I was just laying on the floor with a knife stuck in my stomach help!  Each word I said came out in a whisper zayn I'm here "dear mother form the hevn's above I can't live anymore"! It felt like a million tiny sticks poking me aaaah! I screamed in pain and tried to stand up and I started walking like a zombie towards the foot steps of the boys when I was 2 feet away from them I fell on the floor and then all I saw was blur and the sun light comming in from the windows then when I heard they boys run and scream out my name all I saw was darkness and then nothing.

Holy mother of Jesus Christ I can't believe  I just wrote that omg  I'm gonna faint because
1 I think Sam is dead
2 omfg its zayns freakin birthday omg aaaah
I would die to meet him today and give him a bday hug  & a bday kiss aaaah *faints* lol jk but still if I ever  got the chance to kiss zayn I will I mean who wouldn't he is sooo hot
  Happy birthday my baby I love you hope you enjoy your birthday .

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