"Sir D'mitri?"- I asked, when Uno told me to go at D'mitri Mansion.

"He's the one who commanded it. Just go."- he answered.

I sip to my wine glass.

"But it's already 10:00pm. Nah, I'll go now."- I murmured then go to the basement to check the car.

"Where are we going, Sir?"- Marcuz.

"No, I'll go by myself."- I opened the front seat and drive the car.

When I reached Sir D'mitri's Mansion, I saw Winter at the poolside drinking a glass of liquor.

I passed by and met Phoebee's face at the sala.

"Why did you let her drink?"- I confronted her.

"I can't stop her, Kuya. She still mind what I---"

I turned my back on her.

I accompany Winter.

"Why are you here?"- ako.

I thought susungitan niya ko, but she just sniffed.

"You still mind about Phoebee's conclusion?"

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