I put the packet in to my bag and hugged her.

"Thank you for everything. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you Mary. Goodbye

I walked out and kept walking until I got to the border.

"This is it Keto. After this we will be rouges. Are you sure your ok with this."

"Yea I'm sure. Thank you for taking some of the pain. I told you, you were stronger then you know. Now let's start this new life of our."

I walked over the border and I could feel the  pack link snap. I was no longer apart of their pack it would take about thirty minutes for them to feel it. I knew Mary felt it right away because she loved me but other then that noone else would.

I shifted into Keto's form but remained in charge since she was hurting so much. I always loved her form.

And I was off towards the bus station and never looking back

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And I was off towards the bus station and never looking back.

Kevin's pov(the "brother")

After Sam accepted the rejection we got Brooklyn to the pack doctor. No one thought she would accept it. We all found out once we all went to breakfast. The first thing Brooklyn said was why her through the pack link. We all laughed because she had a weak mate.

I hated her. She hid while our parents died. She could have did something.

"What could she have done you idiot. She was ten no wolf nor wolf abilities. Remember you don't get those until you are twelve. I am the one that hate you for being my human."

That was the only time my wolf would talk to me. If I was bad talking her. He would only allow me to shift to do my duties as a gamma, other then that he kept the link cut. About ten minutes had passed and I felt him whimpering and in pain but he didn't say anything so I thought nothing of it.

About forty minutes passed and Brooklyn let out a loud scream. There was sharp pain in my head and it seemed like everyone felt it. By the way Brooklyn screamed it could only mean Sam left the pack.

"Your a horrible brother. You know mom and dad would be disappointed in you."

"Why would they care about someone who didn't help them."

"If you were paying attention then you could have saw the door locked from the outside. I hate you beacuse of you I have lost all of my family."

He cut the link once more. No it couldn't be. I got up to go to my parents house. It's been ten years since I stepped in here. Once I opened the door I looked around shaking away the tears and I went to the door and noticed the locks were indeed on the outside. And I remember the Alpha having to unlock it to get Sam out.

I'm so stupid.

"Couldn't more true and now your too late."

Brooklyn's pov

After that horrible pain. I was still in pain but it was dull.

"Doctor how long will this pain last.?"

"Which one?"

"The dull one in my heart."

"That one will last forever. Unless Sam takes you back or until she finds her second chance mate and accepts them."

"Why not when I find mine?"

"You didn't pay attention in school huh. Well the person whom is first to reject someone is the one that doesn't get a second chance mate. You are either alone forever or find another person whom was stupid enough to reject their mate as well."

"Are you calling me stupid?" I said angry

"Why yes I am. That girl did nothing wrong. Yall were just too dumb to see it but I hope she finds happiness now." With that she walked off.

My wolf wasn't talking to still. I will find that weak bitch and make her mine even if it has to be by force.

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