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Tell me why Perez Hilton is blocking me please explain this cause I don't recall throwing shade towards him yet?


Aqua POV

"Mr. Burt I did my history home work." I said.

"Oh Aqua that's nice but I wasn't even gonna collect it today." he said.

Bruh the day I actually do my home work your fat ass won't be collecting it. What is life?

Joey: sorry I'm not at school yet

Joey: cover for me?

Me: why should I

Joey: bitch cause I said so fuck you mean

Diva: just cover for me

Me: nope

Diva: okay I hope you get an F in class

Me: I already beat you to it

"Aqua give me your phone please." Mr. Burt said.

The whole class just stopped and looked back at me. I got up from my seat and have him my phone.

"You will get it at the end of class."

"Which is in 3 minutes." I said.

"Do you want to get it back at the end of the day?" he asked.


"Then no smart comments."


Calum: hey

Calum: babeh

Calum: aquamarine

Calum: lollipop

Me: that sounds so sexual

Calum: cause I wanna get sexual with you

Me: but it's not even Wednesday

Calum: ?

Me: Hump Day 🐫

Calum: that emoji tho

Me: boy stop playing you know that's you

Calum: girl staph

Me: that was so gay

Calum: well you know Joey is my boyfriend

Adds Joey to the chat

Me: -new picture message-

Joey: yeah I knew me and him were dating old news

Joey: #jalum

Calum: #Calqua

Me: #food

Calqua: I have some meat if you want it

Me: ooh sure I love meat

Jalum: lmfao he's talking about his dick stoopid

Me: wait I thought he was talking about food

Calum: screenshots that

Me: bruh

Jalum: post it on twitter

Me: don't you dare

Calqua: too late

Calqua: -new picture message-

Jalum: lmfao I'm dead

Me: time to plan you're funeral I guess

Calqua: want wifi in your casket

Joey: hell yeah and a temperature unit

Me: I'll pack some snacks for you

Calqua: I'm in my free period and this girl just got blood on her seat

Jalum: ewwwww

Me: gruesome

Me: I hate Mother Nature

Jalum: I'm pretty sure she hates you

Jalum: do you know that new teacher he's very religious and he hates gay people

Calqua: want me to beat his ass?

Jalum: awe babe you would do that for me

Me: what the fuck is going on

Me: are you cheating on me Calqua

Calqua: wait we go out awesome

Me: no I'm in a very committed relationship with my bed

Calqua: I could be your bed ;)

Me: goodbye

Leaves group chat

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