Harry Imagine

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You and your boyfriend Harry were mad at each other because you both wanted to take a shower at the same time. “Harry,why does it even matter.” You say.

“Come on babe just let me go!” He pleads.

“Why? I feel dirty! Who wouldn’t want to take a shower after having sand in their butt and saltwater in their hair?” You had just gone to the beach with your friends.

“Alright then I guess we will just both have to take a shower together.” He said in a cheeky tone.

“I see what your doing! Ok I’m up for it!” You happily say. You were both undressing your clothes before you got in the shower. Harry slowly turned on the water,as you two got in.

Your wet naked bodies touching each other was making both of you so horny. You start touching Harry everywhere from his abs down to his dick. Then Harry started touching you everywhere from your boobs down to your pussy. Harry’s intense stare made you want him even more. 

He stuck his huge boner inside of your opening while you to were still standing. He lifts you up your boobs were touching his abs. Your legs swing around his waist with his dick still inside of you. He fumbles to turn the shower off. He sets you down on the bathroom counter. He slowly starts going in and out of your pussy. 

“Faster!” You scream wanting him to go full speed.

“Im going babe.” Harry starts going faster with every pump.

“Oh Harry!” you start to moan,his big dick inside of you was the best feeling ever.He fills up your whole pussy with it.

You both reach the climax,and cummed on each other. Harry bent down and started licking it all off of your pussy.

“Alright now your clean” he said jokingly.

“Haha sure I am!” You say

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