Chapter 40-First Punishment

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“Okay, thanks for coming Rowan.” He says with a blush making me chuckle.

“Don’t thank me, I like talking to you. I’ll see you soon.” I say and he nods before peeking over at Derek with red cheeks.

“Good b-bye Derek.” He whispers and Derek smiles at him softly.

“It’s not goodbye it’s…?” He raises a brow making Silas chuckle softly.

“I’ll see you later.” Silas says with a beaming grin making Derek chuckle.

“I’ll see you later.” He says before we step out the room.

We walk to the elevator and I chuckle at Derek’s wide grin. If a few word exchange between them has him looking like this I wonder what he’ll look like if they kiss or hug. Stepping onto the empty elevator with him mumbling to himself about something I pull out my phone when it starts ringing in my inside jacket pocket. Looking down I see that it’s Sullivan which means he's about to board the jet.

“Hey baby.” I say and Derek quickly shuts up with a blush making me raise a brow at him but he avoids my gaze.

“Hey babe, I'm on my way back.” He says casually and I smile while nodding.

“I guessed that. I'm just leaving the hospital after visiting Silas. He's excited to see you.” I say as the doors open and we step out into the lobby.

“Yeah? I talked to him a few times during tiny breaks. That’s why I didn’t call you and only texted you today.” He says guiltily and I chuckle.

“Its fine I know you want to make sure he's okay. I have you all to myself when we get home so I can handle it.” I say as we walk out the hospital and towards the SUV.

“Oh okay good. Well the pilot is telling us to buckle up. I’ll see you soon. Love you.” He says quickly before hanging up making me blink in confusion and anger.

I hate when people hang up on me. Climbing into the car I buckle my seat belt and grind my teeth together as Swanson pulls out of the parking lot. Hmm, this can be added to the fun tonight. He has to learn not to piss me off and hanging up on me is a sure way to piss me off and he knows it because I told him before. Now normally I would just take him into the playroom and punish him but I can’t do that with Sullivan.

1.       He doesn’t like getting hit

2.       I don’t want him to associate the playroom with punishment

3.       I don’t want to hit him.

Looking out the window I think of what I can do to him. There are many things I can do to him. I can ignore him, spank him, orgasm denial which is one of my favorites, tell him I'm disappointed in him knowing that would hit him in the gut with guilt but that’s too severe for hanging up on me. I sigh and decide to take a tour around the playroom to help me think of a suitable punishment for my boy before he gets home.

When we get to the penthouse I grab my briefcase from the seat next to me and step into the elevator with Swanson. He doesn’t talk or look in my direction as my mind races through a hundred different scenarios. I was planning on tying Sullivan up, working on his fear but I can’t tonight because I don’t want him to associate being bound with being punished. Shit this is fucking with all my plans.

I unlock the door and let us into the apartment. Swanson makes a quick break for his section of the house as I stalk into my office. Sitting down I open my briefcase and take out the work I didn’t finish at the office before getting to work. Hopefully working will calm me down before Sullivan gets home. My phone bings just as I close the first file a few hours later and I see that Sullivan texted me saying he's landed and on the way to see Silas real quick before coming home.

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