Chapter 12

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  • Dedicated to in memory of my great uncle!

The longer Carter's here the more stuff is said about him, and he doesnt help his cause at all when he talks. He always tries to joke around but he either does it so often that is boring or his joke isnt funny or worse hurtful. Nobody really likes him anymore and its only the end of the 1st quarter. not even half the year yet and people already treat him like they treated me.

"so do you think Mr. Barry will actually make us read this much?" sarah said...i think.

"umm i dont know..." i mumble. i've been in my own world for nine weeks now, literally not paying attention to anything anyone has said. i know sarah can tell i havent been paying attention but we've always talked to each other no matter the circumstances. "is dr.tall here today?" i asked.

"maybe, i didnt see her in the halls this morning..." she tells me. im hoping shes not here, not because i dont like but because im not in the mood to actually sing and make an effort. i've felt so drained emotionally. since today is the last day before thanksgiving break no teachers are actually doing anything in class.

when i get home im thankful that i dont have any over-break homework. i go upstairs and lay in bed and text people for a solid 3 hours just to keep me occupied. im trying to mentally prepare myself for thanksgiving this year because going to my great grandmothers house is going to be a mission. since my great uncle has been in the hospital, and has been for a while now, everyone will be sad. tomorrow is going to be emotional.

"Nikki turn it off and get up!" my dad yells from downstairs and i open my eyes to find my alarm going off and my door open. i didnt even hear my alarm. "Nikki we have to leave in 30 minutes!" he yells again. wow did i sleep in.

i crawl to the bathroom, wash my face and brush my teeth, when i turn the corner to go back to my room i run into Daryl, my soon-to-be stepbrother, who looks very pissed off. i choose to walk away instead of get in a fight with him when i see him start to get red from anger. i get dressed and do my hair and makeup. i put my charger, wallet, water bottle, and book into my purse and go downstairs. Everyone is ready except Claire, as usually, but shes almost ready so we shouldnt be that far behind schedule, we'll probably leave 20 minutes late.

"okay guys listen up, dont talk about uncle Tom a lot okay?" my dad says and Claire adds "you can tell Grandma and your great grandparents you hope he's doing well but dont prolong the conversation"

When we pull up to my great grandparents house we all sit in silence for a good 2 minutes. im almost scared to go in there because i know everyone is a little on edge and i dont want to be the one who sets them off on a rampage of some sort. "okay so i'll park the car in the visitors section Nikki can you please take the potatoes in?" my dad half asks half demands.

"okay. are they in the trunk?" i ask not seeing them on the floorboard. when i get out and see the trunk open i dont say anything. im going to try really hard to keep the peace today for every ones sake. when i walk inside my ear immediately fill with noise. all together it sounds like an old TV's white noise, but separately its conversations that make sense. i head straight for the kitchen hoping to avoid anyone till my dad comes in but just as i walk into the kitchen my great grandmother and my grandmother walk in discussing the new cook book my grandmother got. i quickly set the potatoes down and try to sneak out of the kitchen before they see me, however i've come to the conclusion that grandmothers can smell their grandchildren from a mile away and mine is no exception, "Nikki!" she yells, "thank god you guys are here, we thought you got lost and turned around and werent coming." my grandmother laughs.

"hi grandma. how are you?" i ask making conversation while i wait for my dad. 'please hurry dad.' i think.

"im fine. how are you? how're you liking 8th grade? you know mom Nikki's in student council." she tells my grandma Cane.

"really? what'd you have to do to get in? i bet you're amazing at it!" she says hugging me.

"im good. student council is nothing special...just a club."i say hugging leaning against the counter. i watch them talk about cooking the turkey for a couple minutes then decide to see why its taking my dad so long, but when i walk into the hallway i hear his voice. i slowly walk into the family room and see at least 5 people i dont recognize. when i spot my dad he's deep in conversation with my grandfather, pops. i guess he didnt get my telepathic message to rescue me...oh well. i sit on the couch and look at the book my grandma Cane has put on the table for decoration; when i look up i notice that my brothers and i are the only kids here...awesome! i decide to make the rounds and say hi to all the relatives i have yet to speak to, my Gramps being one of them. The last time i saw Gramps was at the beach and he was throwing blueberries at me! " Hi Gramps!" i say. I absolutely love Gramps he's so fun and makes anything interesting.

" hi Nikki!" he says leaning down to hug me. Gramps is probably a good 2 feet taller than me with big eyes and the most heart warming smile i've ever seen and the best sense of humor and jokes.

"can i ask you a favor?"

"of course."

"before we ear can we do a special prayer for uncle tom?"

"hmm yes. i love that idea!"

"okay thank you." i say and watch as he turns to talk to some of the other guests. it's weird with uncle tom not being here, i really miss him.i snap back into reality when i hear Gramps and pappap telling everyone to gather around the table. of course my brothers and i stand by the the smaller table on the end.

"so we have a special request from Nikki." he says and everyone looks at me and i know no one knows whats going on, which makes me happy, "Nikki, wants us to do a special prayer this year. A prayer for uncle tom." this time when everyone looks at me they re smiling which makes me feel even better. After pappap gives the prayer we all sit and start to get food, but everyone knows better than to eat because its now time for the things we're thankful for. when its my turn i know exactly what to say to make at least two peple cry.

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