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What the fuck is wrong with Mindless Self Indulgence?
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You can't separate the art from the artist if the art is part of the problem

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Let's get the most obvious thing out of the way first, the slurs.

Mindless Self Indulgence has used pretty much every slur in the book. The n slur, the r slur, the f slur, and these are all more than once. "Oh but it was for shock value" Yeah but that doesn't make it right. There is no excuse for saying slurs you cannot reclaim and saying them proudly. Last time I checked, no one in the band is a poc, neurodivergent, or a homosexual dude (maybe Jimmy is we don't know but he's never publicly came out to my knowledge; some people say he eluded to being a part of the LGBTQ+ community but I can't find anything on it. Unless someone can provide me a link to where he confirms he's not straight, this part will remain). The last known time Jimmy said most of these slurs was on their final tour. "Oh but Jimmy is half Mexican" last time I checked the n slur wasn't used against Mexicans. Also there are pictures of Jimmy in blackface.

The ableism

Someone who was at a show described their experience there. In this description they said "Midway through the set Jimmy announces to the disabled people upstairs sat in their wheelchairs that tonight's show is a standing only event and they should stand the fuck up, to make matters worse the lights in the venue beamed onto the disabled area"

Now the pedophilia stuff (this is more than just the song pantyshot there are legitimate accusations) (this talks about tik tok allegations; the chapter before this has allegations that have been taken to court)

Allow me to introduce you all to James gun, famed director who got fired by Disney after pictures of him at a pedophilia themed party surfaced. What does James Gun have to do with MSI? In the pictures that surfaced, you can see Chantal Claret, Jimmy's wife, and someone in a costume that covers their face. It is alleged that Jimmy Urine is wearing that costume and in that picture.

"So? That doesn't prove anything!" I'm not done yet. There was a tik tok about msi and in the comments section one user states how their aunt and their aunt's friend who were 15 years old, which is below the age of consent in every state in the US, were both kissed on the lips by Jimmy who was most likely well aware of their age. Another person on social media said that while she and her friend were around 15, they also got kissed. There is ANOTHER accusation of him kissing a girl and her friends when they were 14 YEARS OLD. I don't understand how someone could mistake a 14 year old for an 18 year old but that's just me.

"But their shows were 18+!" They had some all ages shows. In those all ages shows, minors would strip Jimmy of his clothes, grope him, and even kiss him. "Oh well that's the minors violating him" You don't get the point here, msi has created an environment where casual sexual abuse is okay. Think back to Shane Dawson, his constant pedophilia "jokes" and displays of sexual abuse created an environment where his young fans thought it was okay to be kissed by him. Msi did similar things to what Shane Dawson did and they are having nearly the exact same effect on their audiences. This is known as parasocial grooming.

An interviewer asked Jimmy if he ever considered his audience, especially now that he's going to be playing for minors and he responded with "Yeah, well I consider taking my pants off at the all ages show. Because I want to go directly to jail, do not pass go. In that sense I'll consider my audience. But they make themselves heard, let me put it that way."  In a different interview he called himself the "gothic R Kelly" make of that what you will.

Extra stuff

the side band of Jimmy and Steve known as the Left Rights had racist and antisemitic lyrics. Also "I met my wife when i raped her, she's a sweet girl but the bitch had it coming" Lyric from the Left Rights


LynZ allegedly bullying fans, I'm not getting into that here because it's a whole fucking mess but you can look it up and find it for yourself.

LynZ and her family drama, not getting into that because it is none of my business.

Jimmy's wife, Chantal posed in front of a Confederate flag and admitted to agreeing with racist cops. There are s few exceptions to this, but people most likely aren't going to marry someone who hold the complete opposite values of them. Also Chantal is around a decade younger than Jimmy which is a little sus to me.

There's probably a hell of a lot more but this is what I found and what made me unstan a while ago.

I tried to put this all in one announcement but it wouldn't all fit so here's a book.

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