42: Into the Darkness

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Mahir's POV:

        Making my way down the stairs, I reached to the dining area where I found my family as always doing the breakfast. I said my taslim ( Salam) to everyone. They greeted me back as I went and sat on my chair, the chair beside me empty.

        "Someone is missing his wife's presence.." that was Farhan who earned my glare as Ammi too said to him,

"Farhan! Stop teasing Mahir!"

           Farhan sighed in defeat while I grinned at him.

"Ammi.. we all know that Farhan Bhai isn't lying atleast." This time, kinza said. If it was some other time I would have replied to her with a dramatic reply but instead my mind pondered over the sentenced said by her.

         'am I really missing her?' that was a question my mind raised. I don't knew that answer to it. But I know that after what happened, there isn't a day of mine that passes by without her worry.

       Thousand thoughts cross my mind the gist of all, the centre idea of them being the Situation of Aayat. I wondered how was she feeling, how was she handling everything. The thoughts drove me so crazy that I paid atleast two visits to her house every week, just to see her and try to talk to her. But none of my visits did anything to calm my curious and stressed mind.

        I don't know if that's what missing is. But what I felt right now towards her was just worry. My heart just wanted to help her speak out her feelings. But how could that have happened as Aayat rarely even came Infront of me.

        The only time I would get with her would be when I would arrive at her home or I would be leaving. Rest of the time, she wouldn't even sit along with everyone. She would rather be with her mother in her room. And even if aunty would sit with me, or everyone else, she will just busy herself faraway from my site.

"Mahir!" Ammi called my name, driving me out of my thoughts as I continued eating the breakfast while she said,

"Beta (son), it's been two months since Aayat had been staying at her parents house. I and your Abba were thinking that you should go to bring her back."

I looked at her as I realized what she just said.

She was saying me to bring Aayat back. I felt   a light flutter in my stomach as I pushed it away while Abba said,

"Yes Mahir.. I think Aayat should be back. We aren't saying this because we want to force her to come back, but because we are really worried for her. Since Saeed's death, she has become really quiet, she has become dull and distant.

I think change of place would be better for her."

         I just nodded and smiled at him as I said,

"Yes Abba, I myself was thinking to talk about this.. "

         Abba nodded while I finished the last sip of orange juice. As I got up from the chair, Ammi asked making me turn again towards them,

"So Mahir, when will you go to bring her back?"

And without a thought I informed,
"Ammi, I will bring her back today itself as I have really less appointments today."

A smile broke on to their lips as I realized how desperate I was sounding.

"Eager much!!" Farhan made the remark and earned a smack from mother while I just rolled my eyes.

"That will be great Mahir. Just don't be late!" Ammi said while Abba nodded in agreement.

        I heard all of them talking excitedly about Aayat's arrival while I just walked fastly to get ready. I didn't know the source of this new found excitement. This zeal to meet her, to just see her and to bring her back. But above all, I was finally gonna encounter her and try to know what has been going on with her.

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