Chapter 24: Every Rose Has it's Thorn (Part 2)

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"Please, please, please let me see it." Astrid begged. "Pretty please." She began to bat her eyes.

Her and Valka had spent the very first part of the day at the Haddock household, planning. They had first, picked a color theme of blue and green, which Astrid would have Hiccup approve later when returned home from his flight. In fact, he was due to be home at anytime, but it actually wasn't the first thing on Astrid's mind at the moment. After picking the colors and Astrid giving Valka some of the designs for the shields, which were very simple paisley-like drawings, they went on to talk about the dress. It had been decided that the shields would be worked on later, as well as the other decorations, after Hiccup returned and approved them as well.

Right now the two were in Valka's room, sitting at the edge of the bed and facing each other, both with their legs crossed. Astrid had been describing certain features she loved of the dress, and others details she would rather avoid, like it being a little on the poofy side. She liked longer sleeves, blue of course, and a light feeling. That was when Valka described her dress from when she married Stoick. Astrid fell in love immediately and was now begging Valka to let her see it.

"Alright," She said, standing while Astrid mouthed the word yes and jerked her first down. "But I'm not even sure if Stoick kept it after all these years."

She walked over to a tall wardrobe and pulled the doors open. Many of Stoick's shirts and pants were layered in the cubbies off to the side, but over on the left were two hanging bags. A worn metal hanger held the two articles of clothing that were covered with a cotton bag. Dust had accumulated on the tops of both, it had been a very long time since they had been touched.

"He kept them..." Valka breathed.

Tears brimmed her eyes in happiness, matching her smile. She took both of the bags and laid them on the bed. Astrid looked over both with curiosity.

"It's one of these." Valka said and started untying the top of one of the bags and worked her way down it.

Once loose, she took a deep breath and opened the flaps. Her breath caught in her throat, it was Stoick's tunic and pants that he wore on their wedding day. Not one thing had changed about it, not a speck of dust littered it, nor holes or color fade. It was still it's smooth, green and black self.

"That was Stoick's?" Astrid asked.

Valka nodded, a single tear ran down her face. "Yes, he was a smaller man then. A little shorter, but more muscular than Hiccup."

Astrid smiled, wishing that he were there so much. She, too, was very upset that her father-in-law would not be there at their wedding, to see his grandkids, and help Hiccup with chiefing.

"Do you think it would fit Hiccup?" She asked.

Valka pursed her lips. "I'm not sure, but it's worth trying." She said while stroking the fine, soft, green tunic before moving on to the black pants.

Astrid stood and walked over to hug Valka. "Thank you, I know it's hard seeing this again."

Valka pulled Astrid closer and nestling her head beside hers. "It's okay, I like looking at it and reminiscing."

While they pulled away from the embrace, the front door of the house opened, followed by a foot step and a metal clank, then four foot steps with a dragging sound before the door was closed once again. Astrid smiled and looked at Valka, who gestured to the tunic and pants. The blonde viking grabbed them and ran out the bedroom door.

"Mom? Astrid?" Hiccup called.

"There you are!" Astrid said, handing the clothes to he fiancé. "Quick, no questions. Just go try those on." she said, ushering him upstairs. "Quick, quick, before you need to leave for your duties."

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