Giving Everything

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It has been years since we first gave out everything during a day we dedicated to God, our Heavenly Father.

I can recall how we were dressed in our nicest clothes, basically used only for Sunday Sermons and celebrations. As we were walking slowly and with dignity in the downtown, people were looking at us, as we were holding each other's hands.

We gave donations always and tithed, and on the way back home there were always people who were in need. I have never counted when I pulled out all the money what was in my pocket and gave out. I have never counted it. After I prayed, later we prayed for the people's health and fortune. We have seen father with his young son, not that poorly dressed but in despair, barely speaking, wounded people, freezing ones, lonely and many in despair, most of them loosing hope or on the way to that.

Interestingly, giving out everything set us more free inside. Realizing we had literally nothing left, not even a single coin, liberated us, since we felt, we gave it back to God and helped the world, without expecting anything in return. I have never worried on what to eat later, I was always sure, God is our parent, He is always there for us, and there will be a way if we are learning His heart with such practices. Actually, it felt so normal, like this world should work with everyone in it, every day, every week, pouring out, easing other's hardships externally, saying nice words with kindness, listening to them if they share and praying for them. Liberating ourselves, creating unity, harmony, resonance.

After the first time this happened, we arrived home. All of a sudden, parents appeared as visitors and literally filled the fridge with every earthly goods. God was there, preparing everything all the way, waiting to give it us all, silently lovingly.

Plenty beautiful occassions happened in the years. Then, they stopped, as the environment suggested to get a higher position, being "more reasonable", and "OK, give, but hold back for yourselves, too, because..." - and we did it. And somehow, God couldn't give us more surprise, He was stopped to share His love. We stopped Him, I stopped Him with arrogance, feeling to know it better...

After we were rich, we became poor, our clothes were less nice, we couldn't give donations, we couldn't tithe and were mostly unable to share things with others. At the bottom, we started to give food. We cooked for others. When we saw a homeless person sleeping in a bench, we prepared food and silently put it near to his head. When we saw a homeless couple, we asked them if they accepted our offerings. When we met a beggar we asked whether we could share our chocolate with him. We always treated them with the utmost respect, or at least we tried to. We have never expected anything in return. When our better established acquintances came, we cooked for them, prepared bags, silently, and when they left, they realised something extra they had to carry home.  We were happy to help them with cooking, so they could have more free time at home. We never told this to anyone and only prayed for God to help us so we could help others more.

Then, other times came again, our life were full of abundance externally, again. We couldn't digest it first, we felt, it was way too much, however, it was God's grace, His Blessing, so we accepted and enjoyed it. Finding balance was a new learning. Like climbing in a mountain, we go up and down, slide and climb, sometimes loosing the sight of the peak. Everybody willing to go up needs to be prepared to go down.

As yesterday we rushed to Sunday Sermon, it took almost everything to travel there, and buying a ticket home the remaining was spent. With only a few coins in my hand, little children asked if they could have one-one, "You know, Daddy, we only ask it to put it aside, collect and giving them back when you won't have."

Pour out everything - this is what God, our Heavenly Father has been doing for each and every one of us.

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