raven method

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make sure you have a script. you don't have to have one, but i really recommend one just to be safe. be sure it says how you'll get back to your current reality and how your clone will be/act.

i recommend meditating to clear your mind before laying down to try any method.

go somewhere where you'll be distraction free, like laying on your bed with your door closed

make sure to stay calm and have a positive energy

- make sure you're very tired, like half asleep tired

- listen to subliminals, there are plenty on youtube

- lay on your back in a starfish position. don't move from this position once you're sure you're comfortable.

-count from one to one hundred. in your head, say "i have shifted" in between each number .

-try to visualize your desired reality while counting, where you'll wake up, what the room you'll wake up in will look like, etc.

- it's okay if you find your thoughts wandering, just catch yourself and refocus your thoughts to your desired reality.

- once you get to one hundred, without moving or opening your eyes, try to fall asleep while repeating affirmations to yourself. affirmation examples: i am in my desired reality, i've shifted to my desired reality, i'm finally in my desired reality.

be careful in your desired reality and please script safety for yourself. stay focused and have a nice time:)

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