Day 02

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At exactly 6 am, the alarm rang
" you have an hour to get ready ". The contestants woke up to different kind of states, some were groggy, some were alert as the busied themselves. After getting ready during the time given they were waiting for further instructions. They knew they were staying at the first outpost which was on the brink of their destination. They were different states of unrest, some were panicking and scared while others put up a brave front.

The sound of microphone testing broke the air and a voice was heard. " dear contestants, welcome to the hunt , here are the rules to follow: 1) to win you must complete some obstacle course that you would find and you must get to the last outpost, you have 30 days to get there. 2) if you need help you can go to the nearest outpost and if you are near one press the panic button but know you'd be disqualified, if any help is given. Good luck and let the hunt begin."
As the voice stopped speaking the doors opened and the contestants rushed out into different directions to be able to get a head start to the second outpost.

In the control room different cameras were displaying and showing the feedback it got from the cameras  that were attached to them, if the cameras got misplaced, then the ones around the wild could be used to track them.
      " all system are online "
        " focus on Aly for now before switching to Eric and other contestants "
A woman  commanded, she watched everything going on in the control room and said " report every single thing to me" then she left .
The camera switched to Aly so every viewer could see what she was doing but if they were interested in other contestants (as most fans would want to only focus in their own idol), the could log in to the network broadcasting it to directly choose the contestants they want to watch.

Aly could be seen running through the forest and there was clear panic on her face, from the previous season the second outpost was not very far from the drop point, if they weren't unfortunate enough to meet any carnivorous or deadly  animal on the  way they could get a good head start. As she was running, she was taking notes of her surrounding and trying not to get panic attack; before she could run further she stopped, crouched low and his behind the nearest tree trunk she could find, coming out was a baby bear and where ever there was a baby bear a mama bear was bound to be close by and even if this was a lost pup she did not want to take that chance, she looked around and saw some berries then she inferred that it was the berries that made the baby bear come over to this side of the forest.
She tried to make herself non existent as possible, she peeped and saw the baby bear chewing on some berries and then it started growling,

Aly tried to see what was going as much as possible without alerting the predators not far away. Hidden in one of the shrubs the bear was eating from away. a green mamba which wouldn't be seen on a normal day because it was totally adapted to its surrounding and was the perfect  predator, after noticing it has been found out it hissed and it was that moment Aly knew it was a mamba because of its black tongue and black mouth, she did not dare peep again and hid properly also being aware of her surrounding to save herself from danger. The brown bear alerted its mother who came barging to the scene to protect her baby, she made some  defensing stances before the snake slithered off and the bear led its pup away.

Frozen with fear Aly managed to get her pounding heartbeat to a stop and moved out of there before either animals came back. After running for about 30 minutes, she saw the outline of a shack which she assumed was the outpost quickly entering it she saw other people there, she examined the shack and saw some instructions were written and she quickly went to where the weapons are. An array of weapons filled the side of the shack, weapons ranging from  arrows, rifles, daggers, hunting knife, pistols, semi automatics, scimitar, saber, spear, mace etc. after looking through it she took a mixture of broad head, fishing lines and bullets arrows. She looked around for a compound bow, she also took a dagger and and hunting  knife, selecting her weapon she went to the direction of the backpack where basic utilities were kept, she picked a bag and left before a fight broke out as the contestants were still wary of each  other, even though the outpost were unceremoniously named safe zones you can never predict what would happen in one.

She got out of the outpost and saw others who had already chosen their gears where out already and they were in groups, she guessed they were trying to form factions and put more people in their  groups, even though she knew she was not experienced, she knew she could not join any group as no one could be trusted she looked around once again, sighed and went into another direction. She knew various people came to the show for various reasons and apart from the contestants the other crew members to had a reason for wanting to be part of the show even if not internally at least externally and even then nobody could be trusted because everyone came on here with different motives, she would even tell other teammates not to trust her as they do not know her own motives for coming on the show. She just hoped everything turned out well even though she knew that was a foolish assumption but at least she had made sufficient preparations now she would see how things would turn out.

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