Chapter Nineteen

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My eyes slowly opened and I realized that I was in the hospital. I looked around and saw Stacy sitting on my left.

"Wakey wakey snowfake!"  Stacy said.

"What happened Stacy?"

"Well, I was just asking you were you alright.. you lied and said yeah, and I am going to beat your ass for that later but passed out . "

I layed back in the hospital bed.

"Have they said anything."

"Nah, the doctor was suppose to come back in."

As Stacy and I were talking, the doctor walked in.

"Nice to see you awake Ms. Newsome. It seems the two of you are fine and..."

"Wait wait wait.. TWO of you?"

"Yes ma'am, you and the baby.. you didnt know you were pregnant?"

"No.. I had no idea."

"Its only in the first trimester, I would say about 2 weeks now."

My face was in total shock.

"I can see you are in shock Ms. Newsome and everything is okay. I would say to stay off your feet for awhile and try and get some rest. Do you have any questions for me?"


"Okay then, I'll be back shortly with your release papers." He said as he walked out.

I didnt know which emotion was needed for me to express how I was feeling.

"Damn Lauren.. thats a big pill to swallow."

"I know.."

Stacy stood up and walked over to the side of the bed.

"Its aight Lauren, just get some rest."

I layed down in the bed waiting for the doctor to come back with my release form..

Stacy drove me to my house and stayed with me. I crawled into the bed and got under the covers as Stacy layed beside me. I stared at the white celing.

"I dont know what Im going to do Stacy.."

"Are you going to tell Marcus.."

"Not now.. you know when I was on the phone with him at the pizza place .. he was telling me that Sharen wasnt pregnant.. she lied."

"Sharen is the girl from the store?"


"Look at it this way Lauren, you are the mother of Marcus' first baby like every woman wants to be when they love a man. Plus.. I get to be an aunt."

You just dont know how closely related you could be.. I thought to myself.

I turned around to look Stacy in the eyes.

".. Can I be honest with you Stace.."

"Of course.."

"Well.. Evan and I have been messing around and honestly.. I dont know who the Father could be.. Its possible that Evan could be it.." ."

"You and Evan aint brand new news to me, Im not that nieve. I know Evan went to the hotel to meet you cause my cousin works at the front desk and she saw him and some hours later you crept in. I also saw Evan's shadow in the bathroom before you went on your date with Marcus and I also know that Evan and you werent watching a movie that long while I was gone. The movie was halfway through the beginning when I came back."

"If you knew, why you never said anything ealier."

"I never thought it was important at the time. You know me, Im not one to be in people's business. If they want me to know, they would tell me. If not, then they didnt want me to know. Honestly I was waiting to see if one of yall would come out and tell me first."

"Im sorry Stace, I just didnt know how. Plus I didnt think it would go this far."

I hears the front door of the house open and Marcus' foot steps coming toward the room.

"Lauren , baby! Are you Okay?"

"Im fine Marcus."

"Thank God." he said as he sat down on the bed. "Wassup Stacy."

"Hey Marcus."

"How did you know what happened?"

"Stacy texted me and told me you were in the hospital but I didnt see it until I got out of court. Do you need anything?"

"No, Im good Marcus, I just need to get some rest."

"Aight.. Im going to go and get you something to eat.. I'll be back in 15min but if you need me call!"

"Alright Marcus.."

He walked out and I looked at Stacy.

"That damn Marcus!," Stacy said  as she shook her head. "Just imagine how he gone react when you actually tell him your pregnant."

"The question is how is he going to react when I tell him Im fucking around with your brother and the baby could be his."


My phone rung in the side table. I picked it up and looked to see who it was.

"I guess we spoke him up.."

I answered the phone.


"What happened you aight?"

"Im fine but how dis you get the word?" I asked as I looked at Stacy on her phone.

"It dont matter how I know, shid the streets talk.. anyway, do I need to come over are you good?"

"No you dont need to come by, Im good."

"Aight.. "

"I'll talk to you later Evan."


We hung up.

"So I guess you the streets that told huh?"

"I did but I wasnt thinking gurl. He asked me where I was and I said the hospital and he was like why you there and I said your  were here. Thats all I said."

It was long silence between the both of us..

"I cant believe this shit?"

"What the hell are you talking about Lauren? I said I didnt say nun..."

"No Stace no .. not that..."

"What is it then?"

"I .. I just cant believe Im torn between two men. I mean I adore both of them but everyone knows that you cant be in a relationship with two men and make it so bad.. I dont even know who the father of my baby is and when I do find out, I'm going to have to break one heart while Im making the other one happy. If this baby comes out Marcus' then I lose Evan and if the baby comes out Evan's, Marcus realizes that I have been sleeping around and I end up losing him. So either fucking way I lose dammit!!"

"Lauren, you got to stop beating yourself up about this shit. Everybody fucks up at least once in their life. If the baby is Marcus then great, he has his first child and Evan will have to get over it. Thats my brother and all but he is fucking up a home. If the baby comes out to be Evan's then great, Evan's a father now and when Marcus finds out and if he loves you like he says he do,  he'll be pissed but he'll eventually get over it. Like they say, Karmas a bitch and you reap what you sow. You cheated, because he cheated."

"Two wrongs dont make a right Stace."

"And your right about that but if he truly loves you then he will look over the fact that you cheated and be a father to your baby if its his or not. If he wants to be with you for the rest of his life then he will love your with all of your mistakes and love that baby like it was his own seed."

"I dont even know if I want to get married any time soon or even think about it. This whole situation has got my emotions mixed up about who want.."

"Well who do you want Lauren?"

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