Mariah and taylor

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Hi I'm Mariah I'm a southern girl like Taylor caniff my boyfriend I have brown hair with blond tips and blue eyes I'm on my way to see Taylor I have 10 mins before we land and I'm so existed to see him

*off the plane*

Once we landed I started looking for him when all of a sudden I felt arms wrap around me from behind I turned around and saw him I gave him the biggest hug in the world once I let go I saw Addie who is jack glinskys girlfriend who I have meet and gotten close to then I saw a new girl with her arm around Nash and his arm around hers "hi I'm Julia I'm Nash's girlfriend it's nice to meet u" she said sweetly "hi sweetheart it's also nude to meet ya" I replied hugging her then hugging Addie "I've missed u so much" I said to her letting go "I've missed u more" she smiled I turned to Taylor and gave him a kiss then we walked to the limo "there is another girl at the house her name is Aubrey and he's dating hayes also she's pregnant" Nash said saying the last part in anger "ok I can't wait to meet her" I said laying my head on Taylor's shoulder and putting my headphones in blocking the world out.

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