Whitby 16/05/19 Day 6

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Well today is our last day on our holiday which is sad. This morning we went to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum and I thought it was pretty interesting and who doesn't want to explore the seven seas, there's even a replica of one of Captain Cook's ships called the Endeavour on the harbour just outside the Co-Op opposite the Star Inn restaurant and the pub where I had my lunch yesterday was also named after one of Captain Cook's ships. Whilst we're on the east side of Whitby I took a photo of the shop where I bought one of my friends their birthday present because it's also where me and my big sister bought a bag too but that was years ago. I went down to the amusements with my mum before having a cup of tea and surprisingly whilst I was in one of the amusements I kept winning more 2p coins, it was like I just turned my back and faced the other direction and then ten seconds later a small chunk of 2p coins fall out of the machine, I find this strange in a lucky way. Afterwards me and my mum went into a gift shop and I bought my big sister and her boyfriend some clotted cream flavoured fudge for them to share and I had a vanilla 99p whippy ice cream with chocolate toppings from AJ's again. Tomorrow we are heading for home and I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again as in the past the bed I've slept in the Endeavour cottage has given me a bit of grief mainly hay fever because the quilt is a feathered quilt. I'll miss Whitby, but if I feel like reminiscing I'll look through my photos, re-read my blogs and read the chapters in Dracula where part of the story takes place in Whitby.

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