Whitby Day 5 15/05/19

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Got dressed this morning, went out to get an eclair for after my tea, come home to look up where to meet up for the In Search Of Dracula walk and found out that the guide Dr. Crank had broken his arm and had to cancel this evenings walk, I do wish him a speedy recovery. However I am not too disappointed about it because we went to the crescent and I took photos of the bench Bram Stoker sat on, the bat flat where he and his family stayed and where I stayed when I was eight years old back in 1999, photos of Captain Cook's monumental statue, whale bone arch and a photo of what's called a screaming tunnel, myth has it that if you go through the tunnel at midnight you might meet the vampire Count Dracula himself. "What is a screaming tunnel?" you ask, well a screaming tunnel is an urban myth because many people have claimed to feel an eerie presence when walking through the tunnel, one that is so eerie that they will avoid it at all costs on a late night walk if possible. There have been sightings of a dark figure standing at the end of the passage, some people have even been touched by a ghostly hand. The tunnel in Whitby is often referred to as the Screaming Tunnel or Dracula's Tunnel, there have been various reports of people hearing disembodied screams as they passed through the tunnel.

After we had a little walk around we stopped and had lunch at The Resolution pub and I had fish finger sandwich. It had tomato in it but I don't like tomatoes themselves but I love ketchup. We went back to the cottage just to rest for a while because I wasn't feeling a bit unwell with a headache but we left again for a gentle stroll to the harbour and I bought this little seashell trinket box for one of my friends.

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