Whitby 13/05/19: Day 3

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OMG this morning was so fun because I did a bit of shopping. I bought 2 Dracula themed key rings for my bag back because those things that you pull to open up a zippy pocket have broken off, a bag for one of my friend's birthday and two bags of Dracula's dream fudge, one for me and one for my friend Alissa Watkiss. We even posted our post cards to my sister this morning.

Later this afternoon we went out again. I tried to win my friend Becksy a Dumbo or a Aladdin character stuff toy for her birthday but I'm surrendering failed to win her one and decided to buy her one instead. But I did have a forerro rocher ice cream sundae from AJ's confectioners which delicious. It's on the harbour next door to the Dracula Experience. I went there last year with my mum and thankfully there was no live actor to scare us. Of course back then we did have a holiday in Whitby in October that year during half-term and they only do live actors on a peak time basis. That's school holidays and bookings, on a non-peak day like the day I went you just show up and pay without being scared.

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