Whitby 12/05/19: Day 2

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This morning did go off to a OK start because well we had a little walk around Whitby town for a bit because today we're having a traditional Sunday lunch with a twist, I'll explain in a bit. The only thing I bought today is a postcard which I'll be sending it to my big sister Charlotte back home because we mainly bought things that are missing for our Sunday lunch which is mainly salt. During our walk I took a photo of one of Captain Cook's ship. We came back to our Endeavour Cottage and started making our lunch which was very eventful because all of the fire alarms kept going off and whilst I waited to make the Yorkshire pudding batter (the first course) I watched a bit of A Series Of Unfortunate Events series 2 on Netflix and I think that Neil Patrick Harris makes a better Count Olaf than Jim Carrey. The reason why we had a bit of a twist with our Sunday lunch is because with our roast Turkey we had different coloured carrots, one purple, one white and one orange. Not sure if we'll be rushing back to those coloured carrots soon but I am stuffed now and me and my mum had just got home from buying some cakes from Sherlock's coffee lounge.

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