Whitby 11/05/19: Day 1

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It's 11/05/19 and the day hasn't gone to a good start as my bleeding came and I felt a bit rough, but don't worry I am emotionally perking up as we speak. The view from my bedroom has a near close up view of St. Mary's church.

I know it doesn't look much but in real life the church is actually close and you can actually see people walking up and down those 199 steps, trust me I walked up and down those steps and by the time you get to step No.99 you'll be really puffed out and think "99 steps done. 100 more to go" and by the time you finally get to the top you'll really be out of breath. I did go for a little walk with my mum and dad just so that the ibuprofen I took for the cramps would kick in and we bought some veggies for the roast dinner we're having tomorrow and whilst we're out I saw a little book called: Dracula The Untold Story by Rex Greenwood & Ann Brady.

I only read one page but I think it's a fact from fiction book. Before we went out for some fish and chips for our tea we went to a pub called Resolution. I can't give you a review at the moment as we may or may not be eating there at some point during this holiday. However you may find out if we did or didn't eat there.

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