"Right now? You are." He said.

Without hesitation, he snatched your necklace away from her neck.

She gasped.

He made his way through the crowd to Harry.

"Potter, where did (y/n) go?"

Harry glared. "Why should I tell you?"

Draco sighed. "I..I have to apologize to her."

Harry studied Malfoy's face then sighed. "The Astronomy Tower."

Draco nodded then made his way to the tower.

The pendant was clenched in his hand but the necklace chain was dangling and he noticed that the clasp was broken.

He took out his wand to repair it.


It was fixed.

He walked faster. How far could you have gotten in heels!?

Apparently you made it all the way to the tower since that was where he found you.

You were staring up at the night sky, a couple of tears lingering on your face.

He slowly made his way behind you.

"It's a nice view."

You gasped and turned around.

You looked away when you seen that it was Draco.

"Leave me alone. I don't want to deal with you right now."

"I'm not here to make you more miserable than already did. I'm here to apologize to you."

You looked at him in shock. "Is this some sort of trick?"

Draco shook his head. "No."

He placed his hands on your shoulders and looked you deeply in the eyes.

"I'm sorry. For everything I have ever done to you."

You turned away, looking back to the view.

"I'm sorry too. I was a jerk to you too." You said.

"Yeah, but I deserved it. You didn't." He said.

It was quiet for a moment. Draco moved next to you looked at the stars with you. The glowing stars..

"Um, I need to give you something." Draco said.

You looked at him as he openes his palm, revealing you necklace..

  ...... and it was glowing.

You gasped.


"Glowing?" Draco finished.

You nodded. "If you knew what it was, you would have the s-same reaction..."

Draco smiled. "(Y/n)...I am familiar with Love Stones.."

You were shocked. So he knew what that meant.

Draco stepped closer to you and put the necklace on you.

"There.. it looks better on you."

He held your face softly with both his hands. His blue eyes pierced into your (e/c) ones.

"You know, I don't care anymore." He whispered.

"About what?" You asked.

"About what people say. About my reputation. Because none of that matters anymore. I'm done masking my feelings."

"And what matters now?" You asked.

"What matters now is how much I truly have fallen deep in love with you." He said.

Then he kissed you. Just like you had dreamt some time ago.

His hands held your waist. You were shocked. But you rested your hands on the back of his neck.

He pulled away alittle to look at you. "You know, you're my first kiss." He said.

You smiled. "I'm honored to steal the virginity of your lips."

Draco laughed. "This is the affection I hid from you..since our first year. And I masked it with the cruelty."

He was no longer smiling.

You moved your right hand away from his face and touched his cheek.

"You don't have to be that anymore."

You two kissed again. Slowly. Passionately. His tongue demanded entrance to your mouth and you let him. He was a wonderful kisser for a first timer.

When you parted, you both were panting. You held each other close.

"I'm am never going to be cruel to you again." Draco said.

"Nor I to you."

You heard faint music coming from the Yule Ball. Draco heard it too.

A slow song.

"Would you like to be my date for the remaining time of the Yule Ball?" Draco asked.

"Yes." You smiled.

"Then I think we have to try our dance again. And let's do it right this time."

He placed both hands on your waist and you put both hands on his shoulders. Not how Snape said but better. You felt closer to him this way.


You rested your head on his chest and he rested his on the top of your head.

And your necklace glowed brighter than the stars...

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