Chapter Twenty

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Christmas Eve. The Yule Ball. You weren't asked by anyone. Fred and George were making you come. You put on a beautiful (long/short) (f/c) dress. You did your make up and your hair in a (up-do/ loose/ half-up half down) fashion.

Your mother sent you some beautiful diamond earrings and you put those on.

You put on your heels and walked to where Fred and George said to meet them.

You walked down the stairs and spotted them with their dates.

"Wow! You look nice!" They said.

You smiled and thanked them. You walked into the Great Hall with them and my gosh! It looked so beautiful!

The Champions walked in with their dates and were the first to dance. After awhile, everyone else joined them.

Fred and George apologized to you as they were taken away from you by their dates. You sat down and watched the couples slow dance.

You looked around. You were the only one sitting.

On the brightside...your hair won't get messed up....

You sighed. This was stupid.

You felt your eyes sting and you quickly shut them. Time passed but it felt like you were there for minutes.

A few moments later you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You opened your eyes and seen Harry. His date went to get some drinks.

"You've been sitting here alone the whole night. Where's your date?" He asked.

You shook your head. "I don't have one.."

Harry's eyes shot wide open. "What!? But...Malfoy said you did! I was going to ask you to be my date but.....Oh that lying pathetic twat!"

You stood silent. Draco did it. He got you back for what you did to him.

"I can't leave you here alone.." Harry said.

"No, it's go ahead and have fun..I'm..I'm about to go spend my night with the view of the Astronomy Tower.."

Harry's date came pack. "Come on Harry!"

Harry went with her. Then he spotted Malfoy. "I'll be back."

You watched Malfoy dance with Pansy, the smile he had on his face was beautiful.

At that moment you realized that you weren't 'possibly' in love with Malfoy. You WERE in love with him.

And he hurt you.

A tear escaped your eye as you watched him.

Harry made his way to Draco.

"You despicable liar!" Harry yelled.

"What? What did I do?" He asked innocently.

"You said (y/n) had a date! And she doesn't! Now she's here alone and it's your fault! You have no soul! Go to hell, Malfoy!" Harry then walked away.

Draco stood where he was. Pansy tried to make him dance again, but he wouldn't. He looked over to you, just in time to see you crying, getting up, and walking out.

He did this.

He promised himself that he would never hurt you again. This time it wasn't physically. It was emotionally. He broke his promise.

"Dracoo! Dance with me!" Pansy said. Draco looked at her with disgust.

"What's the problem, Draco?" She asked.

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