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Dear Readers,

This is PART TWO of my solangelo fanfiction, "You Are My Sunshine". If you're interested in this story but haven't read the first one, READ THE FIRST ONE! Obviously, this one is a continuation, so if you want to really understand it - read the first one.

For all you returning readers, welcome back! Sorry about the cliffhanger... not. I understand why Rick is such a troll now...! Anyway, this is part two, because (1) you guys REALLY wanted a part two, and a lot of the comments were like "IM CRYING IN MY ROOM PLZ I NEED PART 2!" and (2) I couldn't leave the characters in such a situation! Please excuse any mistakes I make, guys! Thanks!

Happy Reading!
<3 Lunie



"Hey, Dad?" Suzie calls from the front room.

"What, honey?" I'm currently working on something for Chiron, upstairs.

"Could you come here? I need help with my homework."


Suzie's in 4th grade, and we- I decided to try public school for her. So far it's been good - some reports of pranking people nonstop, and one monster attack that she wasn't blamed for - so she's been at the same school.

"This math is way too hard!" She says, sighing. I look at the problems - she's learning lattice.

"Not really, honey. Look - here's how it works." After I explain it to her and give her some examples, she's significantly less opposewd to her homework.

"It's so easy now that you explained it! Thanks Dad!" She hugs me, then goes through the problems quickly. Suzie is very smart, and she excells at her classes when she's focused on them. Like most demigods, she has ADHD, so when she isn't focused, it's hard to teach her. But when she is, she catches on to things fast and is good at it.

Later on, we go over to Annabeth and Percy's for dinner.

"Hi, guys! Thanks for coming!" Annabeth says, smiling, when she opens the door. Suzie immediately runs upstairs to play with Elise, and I can hear their giggles.

Percy's in the kitchen in a pink flowery apron cooking up something that smells amazing.

Annabeth and I chat for a while, about how school is going for Suzie, what the challenges are, what friends she has, just basic stuff. Once the food is in the oven, Percy comes in and sits with us as well, joining the conversation.

"Do people tease her about... you know?" Percy says quietly, gesturing to his face. My stomach churns.

"Not that she's mentioned - she seems pretty happy, so it's not like she's sad all the time." I say, just as quietly. The girls giggle upstairs, so I know they're not listening.

My heart hurts every time someone mentions her scars. Not so much with Percy and Annabeth, since they've watched her grow up and treat her just the same as every other 9-year-old girl. It's more with people we've just met, or her teachers, or mortal parents I meet at PTA meetings. It bothers me when they instantly take on a patronizing tone when speaking about Suzie. "Oh, that poor girl with the the scarred face! And ADHD? Wow, poor thing." Suzie's perfectly capable, thanks very much.

The timer goes off in the kitchen, and Percy rushes to take the food out of the oven. We're having lamb. Yum!

Suzie comes down with a fan covering her face. "Ready, Dad?" she asks. I'm half curious, half worried.

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