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Hello, this is just for my updates and such. Maybe even a few short stories. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, but don't worry, I'm still writing. I've written the first chapter to yet another story. It's ready to be typed up and edited but for some reason I've put it off. I think it's because this story begins to portray my hatred for my father...

Anyway, I'm currently writing the first chapter to TPOMM and it's slowly coming along.The past week has been stressful, with school coming to an end and the fact that I could quite possibly fail a few of my classes if I don't hand in a bunch of work I owe :\ I've also been starting a few short stories during class [procrastinating >.< not good] and I might possibly upload them, after quite a bit of editing o-o Mind you, wattpad just started working and letting my type on Google Chrome. I can't  stand Internet Explorer.

I saw my dad yesterday and it made me realise something... not even my own father can see how depressed I've become lately, no one in my family has. They all think it's just stress but it's not. I can't even begin to explain the things that run through my mind now. I can't escape it though. My friends make it worse, my family makes it worse. The solitude I found in horse riding has vanished. All I've got left is my writing...

Ugh okay I don't think anyone actually wants to hear my currently life story so I'll just skip that. So exciting things instead yes?


YES!! Christmas is only 3 and a bit weeks away :D I'm so excited ^^ I can't wait to see what Santa ;) brings me :3 I hope I get that new pair of converse I've been wishing for :3 We put up the tree soon, either this week or the upcoming weekend [we were busy this weekend :c) and I can't wait to see how the dogs go with it, they like to chew on EVERYTHING.

School's out for the year in 3 weeks, and during the last 2 weeks we started our 'fun' at school. Not. Although seeing Rise Of The Guardians  will be fun and going to a amusement park called Fun Fields might, I've never been there so idk. But we have a small party at the end and last year they got two jumping castles so I'm pretty pumped for it :D

6 weeks after Christmas we finally go back and I'll be in year 9! [In America that'd be the start of high school I believe] I can't wait ^^ I picked Creative Writing as one of my subjects so that should be interesting >:3

Well I should upload this, save TPOMM and go to sleep, it's around midnight o-o Well night wattpad :) I hope this makes it easier for people to understand why I haven't uploaded recently :\

WARNING: I do tend to swear so if I update in a pissed off mood, you've been warned!

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