Perfect Girl

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"Frankie I'm not gonna allow my perfect little angel to date thug and that's that." My daddy said.

"Daddy, that's the thing I'm not perfect, I'll never be perfect get over it. Dad, I'm going to be 19 and I'm graduating. I've never gotten a single C in my life and I don't cause trouble. I didn't go behind your back and say yes. Why can't you just let me enjoy life and find someone to be happy with?" I say.

"No end of discussion." He says. I sigh. I go in my bedroom and text Dwayne.

Me: he said no
Dwayne: Damn
Me: but I said yes 😏
Dwayne: Okay my baby is being bad for daddy
Me: whatever D ily night
Dwayne: I love you more good night princess

I don't care if my father doesn't approve. Dwayne and I made it official today but have been talking for nearly two years now. We both love each other and thought we should make it happen, so we did.

My name's Frankie, I'm 18. I'm very responsible and live with my father. I'm the only child and he's a single parent. My mother died when I was 13 so it's just me and him. We have our moments but it's usually a nice silence between us.




"Bae stop playing and pick me up." I whine.

"I'm coming, I have to look fresh before I come though." He says.

"But you always look good, hurry up!" I exclaim.

"I'm coming baby girl I'm coming." He said before hanging up. Dwayne was taking me out for ice cream and the mall today. It was Saturday and I had nothing to do.

"Who were you on the phone with?" My dad asks as he barges into my room.

"Dwayne why?" He says.

"I don't want you going anywhere with him." He says. Beep beep.

"Well too bad because I am." I say grabbing my phone, side bag, and sunglasses.

"You're gonna regret not listening to me Frankie." He says. I shrug him off.

"You ready baby girl?" Dwayne asks as I get in. I buckle up and smile at him.


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