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        Have you ever heard of the games RIFTS® by Palladium Books® before? Well if you haven’t then I suggest you head over to the company website ( and check it all out. But long story short RIFTS® might be the ultimate “Kitchen Sink” game. From high fantasy, to super science, to sorcery, and post apocalyptic adventure RIFTS® has something for everyone.

        Threads is a fiction story set in the RIFTS® Universe (that’s probably obvious) and has been percolating on the back of my mind for awhile. But if you are familiar with the game I need to give you a heads up first. But if you have no idea what I’m talking about just skip this part and go right to the story.

        Are you still here?

        Alright then here it is. In RIFTS® they have this game mechanic called the Mega-Damage® system. You don’t need to know what it is or how it works but you do need to know I’m ignoring it.  In RIFTS® the creations of the future are so powerful and strong that the military’s of today are like tin soldiers.

        Okay, practical example time.

        In RIFTS® a shotgun blast wouldn’t even scratch the super metals of the future in the game. In my stories a shot gun would definitely score the metal and a couple dozen (or a hundred) rounds would do real damage.

        Is that clear?

        If not don’t worry about it. It’ll probably never even cross your mind as you read unless you are some uber fan who obsesses on “The Rules as Written” and can’t let it go for the sake of narrative fiction.

        Now on to the story.

        - Josh

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