Chapter 5 Something's wrong and the introduction

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The whole class was arguing about how Naruto was a demon and others saying he was not then the door opened and an angry Iruka came in looking like a demon. "SILENCE" yelled an extremely angry Iruka-sensei. Everyone quickly shut their mouths and rushed back to their seats like a demon lord will kill them if they disobey. 'Wow. Iruka-sensei really does have a Big head jutsu, it's even scarier when he's angry as well.' thought the raven. Iruka-sensei went to his desk and said.

"Naruto will not come to school for the next 2 days. It's been confirmed by the Hokage himself.". At lunch time people who actually cares for Naruto gathered,

"Naruto's not coming for school for 2 days straight? Something probably happened." said Kiba, 

"I-I hope n-nothing happened to N-Naruto-kun." said Hinata.

"How troublesome." said Shikamaru.

"The Hokage probably knows why, it's confirmed by him and he's close to the dobe. He literally called the Hokage old man. We probably shouldn't ask though, it's his choice if he wants to tell." said Sasuke.

 "Yeah...ok" replied everyone else.

 2 days later, the blondie was late but he did come back. He didn't make a big entrance like he usually does, it shocked everyone. Sakura who was waiting for her compliment never got one either. 'Something is definitely wrong' thought everyone who cared for Naruto. Naruto was different, he skipped 2 days but he still got the answers on the test correct somehow, he was quiet as well, the whole class seemed quiet without Naruto being his usual self, he's like a completely new person. At lunch, Sasuke didn't want to eat lunch with his usual group, he was going to hang out with Naruto. Before the raven thought everything was ok so he didn't ask the blondie, but now, he was desperate seeing how the blondie's mood change. The blondie was sitting on the swing alone like he usually does, the raven walked up to the blondie and asked, "Can I eat with you?", the blondie was shocked, his mood quickly shifted, no one has ever asked him that before, everyone wants to avoid him. He let out a goofy smile and said, "Sure!". The raven sat down on the ground next to the swing the blondie was sitting on.

"So you're Naruto right?" asked Sasuke.

"Yeah! I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Next Hokage dattebayo!" answered Naruto cheerfully. 

"And I'm Uchiha Sasuke, I doubt that you remembered my name even after I introduced myself to the class so I'm telling you now." said Sasuke. 

"Yeah actually, i don't remember except that you also went to get chips with us." replied Naruto his hand rubbing the back of his head.

"So, why are you alone? You and Kiba seem close so why aren't you hanging out with each other?" asked Sasuke.

"Well Kiba has problems like his family's vet and other problems but they're nearly solved so he won't have to leave at lunch again." answered the blondie.

"So, can I hang out with you tomorrow as well?" asked Sasuke. 

"Sure!" replied the Blondie. Everything was back to the cheerful Naruto. 'Maybe he was just lonely so he was sad. Well he's back to normal now so that's good. I liked seeing the cheerful idiot then a sad cloud." thought Sasuke. Everyone was happy seeing the blondie was back to his normal self including Iruka-sensei

To be continued...


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